Covert Affairs

Season 2 Episode 5

Around the Sun

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 05, 2011 on USA

Episode Recap

With Auggie off at this new job, Jaimie Alexander (Reva Kline) steps in to replace him. Annie refers to her new partner as "Alpha-Barbie" and quickly butts heads with her while in line to get their morning coffee.
But first, Auggie and Annie have to part ways with sweet sorrow. Annie admits she'll miss working with him every day. Auggie isn't so forthcoming with his feelings, but it's obvious the feeling is mutual. He promises to keep an eye on her.
On to the case … Joan (Kari Machett) picks Annie and Jai to ferret out a problem over at NASA. Someone in Colombia is tampering with one of the space program's satellites. Annie goes undercover to find out if there's a leak within the organization. Jai and Reva observe and they determine Will could be lying.
When the team takes their findings back to Joan, Reva suggests a loophole to get around the NSA on wiretapping. Joan gives her a stern lecture and sends her on her way. Even though Annie took some satisfaction by seeing Reva put in her place, she assures Reva that though Joan can be harsh sometimes, she looks out for her agents. Then Reva comes up with an idea that doesn't involve illegal wiretapping, they merely need to place bugs in their suspect's house. Annie has to casually stop by Will's house and thank him personally for the interview. When Annie bumps into Will, he invites her over to a barbeque.
It's a little stressful at Will's house, as Annie needs to keep making excuses to keep Will and guests up on the roof deck while Jai places the bugs inside. With this accomplished, the team moves on.
The next day, Annie notices someone is following her while she jogs with her sister. She gets rid of her sister and then goes chasing after the person tailing but loses her. Annie tells Reva what happened and starts to hunt for the woman. She finds out the woman who chased her met with William earlier that day.
Meanwhile Arthur gives Auggie his first assignment to write a speech for Art, which turns out not to be Auggie's strong suit because he's used to hiding things from the public, not informing it. He finds Annie waiting for him at his office and tells her he failed his first task. Annie tells him that he always knows what to do, meaning he'll figure things out eventually.
The team brings William in for questioning, and Joan gets him to confess fairly quickly. He admits he was aiding a Colombian rebel group in tampering with the satellite. Annie has a hard time believing William is capable of such treason, until she finds out that it was really William's son who was working with the Colombians. William was just trying to protect his son, Charlie, when he found out what was going on.
Since Charlie was set up to think the rebels had his father in custody, Annie has to meet up with him before he talks to the group, so that he doesn't inadvertently put anyone in danger. She manages to get to him in the nick of time, but only after serving several blows to a female operative for the rebels.

Once back to safety, Annie finds out that Auggie impresses Art with the second draft of the speech, but when it comes time to be seen in public, he can't do it. The two celebrate his return to the agency.

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