Covert Affairs

Season 2 Episode 5

Around the Sun

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 05, 2011 on USA

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  • Mystery Woman?

    I've enjoyed catching up on past episodes through Amazon Prime, but as I just finished episode 5 season 2, I happened to have noticed that nowhere is the FARQ woman mentioned in the credits or in the X-Ray column. Who is she??
  • 205

    "Around the Sun" was really about two things. The first was the potential promotion of Auggie. Christopher Gorham has been on comedies and dramas, most of which have flopped, and I am glad that he has finally found a role that he is good at on Covert Affairs. But the idea of him being promoted does not work as he has a good dynamic right now with Annie. They do not need to be romantically involved to be effective too, which is another thing working in the show's favor. The actual case with Annie this week was okay as well, but a little bit forced, and a little bit low on action by this show's standards. As a whole though, a solid 7/10 for this hour.
  • Quite an interesting episode - Mark Moses helped make it so!

    While this episode's case was definitely interesting, I do have to comment that it was lacklustre compasred to the first three episodes of the season, and the case didn't tdo too much for me. However, I think that the quality of the episode was significantly improved, by the guest cast, in particular Mark Moses and also Jaimie Alexander.

    Mark Moses was just brilliant to watch, as he always is! I love him on Desperate Housewives, and he was brilliant right here too!

    All up, no memorable case today, but the interesting communication between Reva and Annie at the beginning of the episode was quite interesting, and an all up good episode, especially due to Mark Moses!