Covert Affairs

Season 2 Episode 3

Bang and Blame

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 21, 2011 on USA

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  • Wow! Breathtaking for every moment! One of their best yet!

    This was a truly memorable episode for me, as with Annie going back to training in an undercover operation. The training place was quite interesting, and Annie's roomate waas quite funny in her temperament, but also rather annoying.

    Furthermore, the investigation that was undertaken was highly interesting. I won't spoil too much of ti for you, but I was hooked for every last moment, and I really enjoyed the last few escenes of the episode and with the case.

    Full marks, all up, for this episode of Covert Affairs! This show has been breathtaking so far in its second season, and I hope this calibre is maintained!
  • 203

    "Bang and Blame" is a strong episode of Covert Affairs and shows that this program is not going to fall into a sophomore slump like many do. Tonight's episode had action, a lot of action actually as Annie battled her way out of a plane in the air, and a Law and Order style twist 2/3 of the way through with the target of her operation changing. It moved along quickly and was enjoyable for the most part.

    One of the main flaws is that outside of Christopher Gorham's Auggie, I really don't care about the supporting cast at all. Fan of Peter Gallagher, but I had zero interest in his problems tonight and especially tuned out because of the God-awful Rena Sofer guest starring with him. The A storyline was good, and it usually is. But Covert Affairs needs to figure out a way to fill the other 10 or so minutes with stronger content.