Covert Affairs

Season 1 Episode 7

Communication Breakdown

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 24, 2010 on USA



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    • Auggie: There was a metro-wide communication shutdown today. No cable, no Internet, no cellular network. And I bet the satellite array was down for ten minutes.
      Joan: That's fied. It was more like 15.

    • Jai: I found some pictures of you up on the internet.
      Annie: What? So you've got an Annie Walker Google alert now? Are you Cyber stalking me?
      Jai: Actually, personnel sent me the link. They'd like you to take them down for security purposes.

    • Annie: What's that?
      Auggie: Nothing.
      Annie: Solo board games?
      Auggie: Don't touch that. I'm playing an Internet game with a girl from Brazil. Well... At least I think she's a girl. At least I think it's Brazil.

    • Annie: What about $1,000 suits and silk ties?
      Auggie: Europeans. Never really got nerd fashion.

    • Annie: Doesn't it strike you as odd how many criminals are able to just exist here?
      Auggie: Not exist, thrive. This is the wild west of the information age. Think Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett didn't sit down for a sarsaparilla once and a while?

    • Annie: Why are you so happy?
      Auggie: I'm going to DataTech.
      Annie: Data what?
      Jai: DataTech. It's a computer security conference. It's like Comic-Con for nerds.
      Annie: Isn't that just Comic-Con?

    • Jai: Has anyone ever told you, you look amazing in that color?
      Annie: Why do I have the feeling you're about to?
      Jai: What do you call that color anyway?
      Annie: Um, blue.

    • (after being slapped)
      Auggie I didn't see that coming.
      Natasha Petrovna: You should have! Do you know what I've been through the past two years?
      Auggie: No, I meant because I'm blind.

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