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Covert Affairs S04E03: "Into the White"

Wow, kids, we're just blowing through the plot points this season, right? In a bout of verbal diarrhea, Arthur revealed that Teo totally isn't a terrorist. Or he's at least, like, 90 percent sure of that. Teo is just super-dooper undercover with the ALC—the Colombian terrorist group that killed his mom—so he has some kind of Batman-vengeance complex and Arthur opted to set him up with some real training so he wouldn't end up like that dude with the hockey pads in The Dark Knight. So far so good, except Teo's increasingly erratic behavior and outright refusal to communicate with Arthur raised some questions about whether Teo was still following the original mission, because what if his moral compass had been compromised and he was wasn't so much undercover as he was an actual terrorist?

Things looked bleak for a while, when Annie first returned to Colombia to try really hard not to have to assassinate Arthur's offspring. Henry Wilcox's info about Teo being involved in a bomb plot checked out, which was unfortunate because UGH Henry Wilcox. Also, Teo was pretty okay with Annie's theory that he could have gone rogue. 

Teo's utter lack of cooperation led Annie to collaborate with Sheriff Calder, crashing the terrorist camp-out, arresting Teo, and taking him to the CIA's version of a super-villain's lair—complete with car battery cables that I'm sure were going to be used in a very unpleasant way if Teo didn't start talking. But before that fun could commence, Annie kicked everyone out and tried to appeal to Teo with her puppy-dog pleading. He kicked her because when Calder warned Annie not to get too close, Annie immediately got too close... because trust and stuff. I totally called that one. 

Still, it's cool, because Arthur was right and Annie was mostly right and Teo is just so deep undercover that he can't even risk taking his daddy's money anymore. Annie gave him the magical untraceable phone that Auggie made for her and Teo skipped off into the sunset to fight the good fight and keep exacerbating those issues.

On a show like Covert Affairs, it can sometimes be difficult to connect with new faces right away. There's always the question of how long they'll be around and whether they're actually who they say they are. I like Teo, though. The sympathy comes easily once you think about the unfortunate family he's been born too. 

The usual Joan-and-Arthur-are-awful sentiments aside, however, "Into the White" marked another good week for those two! It was especially delightful for Joan, who got to go all sneaky spy gal on, well, everyone

Remember how Annie accidentally whacked Seth and she couldn't call a clean-up crew, so it was only a matter of time before her career was once again in jeopardy? 

No probs, Joan grabbed her catsuit and got down to business. She also snagged a snapshot of herself with Seth because when your marriage and career are already impressively unstable and you just barely won that promotion into your possibly philandering husband's old job, you don't need to be connected to an MIA CIA mole. 

Oh, and about that promotion: A senator on the interview crew gave Joan some sass about how she totally wasn't qualified to protect FREEDOM when she couldn't even figure out that her husband was cheating on her (cuz he wasn't),  and Joan fired back with some artful (if somewhat grainy) and totally incriminating nudes. <3 Joan. 

Auggie continued to be that boyfriend. Someone should tell him to stop. Annie took one of Auggie's T-shirts to Colombia and made a big show of it because they're gross. I'm starting to feel like I'm watching two different shows each week: One is a gritty(ish) spy drama and the other is a Teen Nick romantic comedy. 


– I liked the possibility of Arthur's father feelings getting in the way of his professional feelings. Covert Affairs handled it really well this week. The issue was clear, but not hit-me-in-the-face-with-obviousness, and it was pretty understated when it could have very easily become melodramatic. Nice. 

– "If you can't live with secrets, then you shouldn't be dating a spy." Oh Arthur, you're really in no position to be lecturing anybody about successful spy-dating—even if I kind of agree with you. 

– This big secret better be good after building it up for three weeks. 

What'd you think of "Into the White"?

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Season 5 : Episode 16