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Covert Affairs S04E08: "I've Been Waiting for You"

Okay, Annie Walker is *not* Fight Club's Marla Singer and Teo Braga is *not* Tyler Durdenbut both Fight Club (the film) and Covert Affairs (this season) have some Pixies action all up in their business, and while it might be a stretch, Calder and his sweep team were definitely feeling a little Project Mayhem-lite thanks their inability to be contained by the powers that be and their rather gleeful pursuit of destruction. I mean, was smashing a hole in Auggie's wall really necessary? Doesn't the CIA have more high-tech ways of searching for hidden safes? What about the treatment Annie's apartment got? So you're Calder and you're investigating this agent who doesn't exactly have a sterling record to begin with, and you think she might be involved in a murder conspiracy, and you also think she might be BFFs with the WORST. TERRORIST. EVER. OMG! If you must rip her apartment to pieces (And maybe you totally must? These things happen!), don't you think it might be beneficial to be a little sneakier about it? What if Evil Annie decides to flee the country? Or rig your face with explosives? Or call her totally-super-evil terrorist friend Teo to kidnap your pet iguana or something? THEN WHAT, CALDER? THEN WHAT? 

Despite being freaked out, suspected murderess/terrorist-sympathizer Annie didn't do any of those things. She ran to Auggie's swank loft (SO JEALOUS) to warn him about the impending guerrilla redecorators who were en route, clearing the way for the formerly beached S.S. Augnie to push tentatively out of the shoal with a smooch and a hasty exit via fire escape. Oh, except that Auggie's kind of screwed, but it's okay because he and Annie are a thing again and ain't no formerly-dead-pretend-ex-wife baggage gonna keep this ship down. 

Which reminds me: Simon? Anyone? Bueller? 

It's probably a great testament to Annie's resilience and growth that she's well-adjusted enough to even function in a romantic relationship, considering the traumatizing outcome of that particular fling, but at the same time, Simon and Annie were a pretty hugely serious "fling" and he was shot to death in her sister's kitchen by her boss who then shot her too and I don't expect Annie to be harping on her dead boyfriend every other episodes—especially since she successfully quelled her thirst for vengeance last season—but IDK. She just seemed to jump on the Auggie Express rather quickly, with very little, if any, lingering apprehension or trauma from the Simon days. Even Auggie had his trauma to work through, and he supposedly had several years to come to terms with the "loss" of Helena. His over-protectiveness of Annie was directly related to the loss of Helena, and the way that whole story evolved was pretty great. Way back in the beginning of the season, I pointed out that Auggie's clinginess was uncharacteristically weird for him, even though we'd seen flashes of it before with Parker. Once the truth about Helena came out, what could have been (and kind of was) mistaken for iffy writing suddenly became an interesting Auggie idiosyncrasy and an important point for driving Annie and Auggie forward as a couple. 

Annie's romantic past is equally therapy-inducing, but we just don't seem to get the same look into how her past influences her present or future. 

Or Annie is just better at hiding the trauma than Auggie. Your choice. 

Augnie sailed again, sort of, but "I've Been Waiting For You" was also a big episode for the Campbell/Braga familia. First of all: OMG YAY BABY BUMP. Second: guys, wasn't it nice how Teo and Joan were nice to each other—like, sincerely nice? Those two have some valid reasons to, at the very least, be weird or resentful toward each other... and yet they managed to pull off one of the more pleasantly sincere interactions we've gotten on Covert Affairs in a season that's seen a lot of delightful earnestness between its characters so far. Teo also met with Arthur and was generally a dick about it, but now that he knows it was Henry Wilcox (because OF COURSE it was Henry Wilcox) who funded the bombing that killed his mother, maybe he'll be nicer to his dad going forward. Maybe

If we really want to formally make the Marla/Annie and Teo/Tyler comparison, we don't have to go much further than the lyrics to this week's Pixies song to draw the line that connects them. I've been looking / For a woman / To save my life / Not to bed, or borrow / A woman / With the feeling / of losing once or twice. That sure sounds like our Annie, and if anyone is going to save Teo from his laundry list of poorly made decisions, it's probably going to be Annie. Hopefully she won't have to be kidnapped and brought before the Project Mayhem mastermind first, but you never know, and that could be a prison van full of fun anyway, right? Right.


– Is Calder being a douche nozzle because he's on Wilcox's side, or is he just a massive tool who has no idea he's chasing the wrong team? Or is he part of some vast Project Mayhem conspiracy with Teo, except not with Teo, because Teo isn't real? Or something. I don't know. My Fight Club is rusty. 

– Teo's "I want you to hit me as hard as you can" made me LOL. 

– Do you think Henry Wilcox knew Teo's mother/Arthur's lover would be present at the bombing he funded, or was she collateral damage? I think it could go either way, honestly. 

– Was the trigger happy dude in the woods on Calder's team?


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