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Covert Affairs S04E10: "Levitate Me"

Soooo... I guess we're going with the Teo-Is-Really-Dead-for-Real-You-Guys canon. You know, for now. I like the way you all think! I'd say I can't believe I fell for a supposed off-screen death like Teo's, buuuuut I'd be lying. 

In "Levitate Me," Covert Affairs' mid-season finale—but not really because four weeks is hardly a serious hiatus; the show returns on October 17—we didn't get any closer to finding out the truth about Teo, or closer to any kind of resolution of anything we saw this season, but we did see Eyal, which goes a long way in earning brownie points from me because I'm shallow and he's pretty. HI EYAL! MISSED YOU! 

Okay, I guess we also got some resolution to that WTF scene from the Season 4 premiere with Calder wasting Annie in an elevator. We all knew it was B.S. because we're so smart and also because, unless I know that a series is in its TV death-throes, I assume that the protagonist gets to live unless we're watching Game of Thrones or Downton Abbey or Supernatural and even with the latter, they usually get resurrected anyway.  

Once Calder's allegiances—or at least his lack of allegiance to Henry Wilcox—became clear, so did the probable context of that scene in the elevator. Faced with an enemy who always seems to be one step ahead of everyone, and who somehow managed to charm, bribe, and lie his way back into the DPD, Annie opted to fake her death and approach Henry from a different angle. Specifically, a zombified angle. 

I'm not sure how Auggie's gonna feel about having a zombie girlfriend—or if he was even in on the plan. What did you think? I'm leaning toward Auggie knowing what Annie had in mind, especially after the mouthful he gave her about how to keep off the radar. Annie's kind of a dumdum, but she's not that dumb, to just slip up and call Auggie's cell in the heat of the moment. She knew what she was doing and since Auggie is pretty bright himself, chances are he figured it out. 

So now he has two ladyfriends who faked their deaths to ensure justice for all. Dude is gonna develop some kind of complex. Although, based on the way his entire characterization turned upside-down earlier in the season, when Augnie was a little more buoyant, I'd say he's already there. Poor Auggie. :( 

Joan and Arthur can't catch a break either, though. Fresh off of probably-maybe losing his first male heir, Arthur returned to the States to hang out in jail while everyone freaked out about his non-existent betrayal and Henry Wilcox smiled smugly in the corner. The stress of maybe losing Teo, visiting her husband in prison, babysitting Annie, and losing her job landed Joan in the hospital, but since Auggie was kicked out of the spy clubhouse too, she basically has an entire department of awesome at her personal disposal. All of their mortal enemies are so screwed. 


If we're being honest, this isn't the first time Annie has gone off the books to complete a mission, but it is the most extreme approach she's taken and as we saw with Auggie's ex, Helen, earlier this season, coming back from the dead is easier said than done. That makes Annie's letter to Danielle all the more poignant; while Annie wasn't actually headed for certain demise, and we totally knew that, she was as good as dead to Danielle and there's certainly a chance, for whatever reason, that Annie will be forced to remain dead to her sister and her family. We now take a four-week break from Covert Affairs, and the writers seem perfectly content to crank up the intensity and just leave it there for almost a month. But I wouldn't have it any other way. 


– WHYYYY do people keep trusting Wilcox? Is it the money? Is he just throwing money at them? Or has Annie's endless antics earned her a few nameless-but-powerful enemies? Or are these just a bunch of Arthur-haters? I just don't understand how a dude with a reputation as tarnished as Wilcox's keeps getting to party in the CIA bunker. 

– Congrats, Campbells! It's a boy! How conveniently emotional considering how dead Teo is supposed to be right now! 

– EYAL <3

– How do you think the rest of the season will play out? 

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