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Covert Affairs S04E01: "Vamos"

Oh boy. Okay, so this is weird and hard for me to admit given that I was a vocal Auggie/Annie supporter for the entirety of last season, but watching those two get it on for realisies was kind of like when you have those two best friends who you used to hang out with all the time, and then they start dating, and you still hang out, but now they suck face on the sofa for the duration of MST:3K and it's awkward because they keep giving you the "shut up" face every time you try to chirp in with your own smart-ass comments about The Beast of Yucca Flats. 

I won't say that I don't like the relationship because I do feel like it's a natural progression for Annie and Auggie as characters. I just have to get used to it—though I have to say that I really miss badass Annie, and if this entire season ends up consisting of Annie freaking out every time someone shoots at her BF it's going to get irritating. YOU'RE A SPY, WOMAN! YOU HAVE LEATHER "SRS BSNS" GLOVES

What I'm saying is this: Don't be that "girl spy," Annie. Don't do it. 

Annie rocked the srs bsns gloves in the very first scene of "Vamos" as she followed a lead from Henry Wilcox that implicated Arthur in some bad dealings and possibly in Jai's death (remember when that happened?) because it's now been an entire year out here in the real world and those impatient A-holes like me are starting to complain about it. 

When Wilcox's information appeared to be accurate and it looked as if Arthur was indeed sending money to a terrorist group in Colombia, Annie decided to go down South American way to investigate, and Auggie decided to go with her because they're probably co-dependent or something. 

Unsurprisingly, no one in Colombia was terribly happy to see them. Spur-of-the-moment spy adventures tend to not go over so well with the locals. Shocker. You'd think Annie would have learned that in Season 3, but, you know, this time she had to save Auggie's career, so it was a totally different situation. 

Because yes, Henry Wilcox also implicated Auggie in Arthur's shenanigans. This is how we know Wilcox is probably lying his face off. 

However, regardless of whether or not Wilcox's information was completely correct or his intentions unquestionably noble, the man did uncover something fishy about Arthur's dealings in Colombia. He just didn't have the whole picture—or he did and he just wasn't willing to share it with the class. 

Arthur really was sending sweet, sweet moolah to Colombia and Auggie really did know about it, but the name on the account belonged to Arthur's illegitimate son and not a terrorist cell. Well, Arthur's kid could be a bad guy, but we don't really know that and we also don't know whether Arthur knows that, and between that reveal and Joan's pregnancy storyline all coming to life on dearly departed Jai's birthday, can we say symbolism much, Covert Affairs?

After being wounded in a shoot-out, Auggie protested that it was only a flesh wound, but convinced Annie to return to the U.S. of A. where Arthur, confronted with the truth about Auggie and Annie's trip and fully aware of Wilcox's shenanigans, stepped down from his post and admitted his affair to his colleagues—well, except for Joan, because Arthur only likes to mix his public and professional lives when it gets him laid, not when it leaves him with real consequences to deal with. 

This shift in focus—from outside threats like last season's Simon and new girl/obvious villain Lena to the inner workings of a department that's been troubled since the start of Covert Affairs' very first season—is a good call at this point in the series' life. That it's taken this long to really tackle Jai's murder, while a wee bit irritating (especially because last season started to suck later on), is also an excellent illustration of the problems that Annie's little corner of the CIA constantly struggles with. It's easy for "real lives" and "cover lives" to intersect and create conflicts that run dangerously deep, beyond even the original perpetrators. While it's not easy to clean up these messes, simply letting them go un-addressed isn't exactly a better alternative. In a career where so much relies on the sanctity of secrets, there seems to be some confusion from numerous parties as to when it's appropriate—maybe even imperative—that the truth be told.  After four seasons' worth of whispers, it's about time we focused on the matters close to home; those threats can be just as destructive as the ones that originate overseas. 


– "There are laws, but not really." Oh, don't pick on Colombia. You can make that argument for anywhere, really. 

– How truthful do you think Henry and Arthur are being? Who do you think is the real baddie here? 

– How do you feel about Auggie/Annie in action?

– What'd you think of the premiere? What do you hope to see this season? 

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