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Covert Affairs S04E06: "Space (I Believe In)"

Vincent the FBI guy returned (HI, VINCE!) to terrorize Annie when Seth the Mole's surprisingly not gross and slimy bod was fished out of the water. Actually, a more accurate description would be that Annie got to terrorizin' Vinny, because Joan decided to make her the CIA's liaison to the FBI during the investigation because that's not obvious or anything, especially when you're working with/for a shady all-knowing dude like Calder. <3 Calder. He takes no one's sass—except Joan's, because Joan is a pro when it comes to handing out the sass. 

When an exasperated Vincent confronted Annie about her sudden over-involvement with his case, he referred to Annie's shenanigans as that "cat and mouse bullshit" and at it's core, that's really what "Space (I Believe In)" was all about. Seth's body was retrieved but whatever, and Joan cleaned his apartment so Annie should've been in the clear, but Vincent doesn't suck at his job, and he quickly determined that Seth was totally murdered. It's cool, though, because there was no physical evidence to tie Annie to Dead Seth's swan dive... except for the DNA under his fingernails. "I thought the river washed it away!" Aww, Annie, you're cute. Now sit down and let the adults talk. 

Auggie tried to break into the FBI database to fix things, but apparently the FBI has the one database in the world that Auggie Anderson can't hack. Meanwhile, Annie tried to throw Wilcox under the crosstown special, but the man is practically untouchable despite having done time for treason (sort of) and not-so-happily going on his merry way to become the eternal thorn in the CIA's side. <3 Wilcox, too. Now that we're going with the "Wilcox is just traumatized/grief-stricken/guilt-ridden over Jai's death and that's why he's a raging asshat" angle, we're tentatively allowed to love him. When Vincent confronted Wilcox (lots of confrontation this week, kids) about his connection to Annie and (probably) Annie's DNA showing up under Dead Seth's fingernails, Wilcox effortlessly got Annie off the hook and their confrontation was delicious.  

Annie is in a tough spot at this point in the season. Last season's drama with Simon and Lena shattered Annie's formerly squeaky clean image, but her entanglement with Wilcox—and the way that, even unknowingly, the man has forced Annie and her people into very uncomfortable situations—seems worse. Just think about the lengths Annie, Joan, and Auggie have gone to in recent episodes to cover their tracks and stay (barely) ahead of Wilcox. Someone had be accountable for Seth's death, and it couldn't be Annie. An innocent dude ultimately took the literal fall for Seth's demise. He may very well have been guilty of something—he was established as a drug dealer and didn't seem at all surprised when the cops knocked on his door. However, the drug dealer didn't kill Seth. Neither did Annie, really, but that's where we loop back around to all of these secrets and spy games that just keep spiraling out of control. The things that Annie, Auggie, Joan, and their other allies are being forced to do to keep themselves clean has the unfortunate side effect of leaving them pretty freaking dirty. 

So Annie won't be going to jail over Seth after all (obvious, but still yay!), Joan continues to reign as queen of the office snarking, and Auggie apparently only does work when a situation directly involves Annie because he's bad at dating co-workers. Annie seems to have gotten the hang of it, though. This has been the best week yet for Augnie not making me barf in my mouth. Also, I missed Joan and Arthur being awesome together. More please! Bye! 


– Got a little bit of a flashdrive problem there, Auggie?

– My Calder theory still stands. I don't think the dude is crooked. I think he's so straight and narrow that everyone else looks bad by comparison. 

– Can I say again how much I love the Wilcox-is-crazy-with-grief storyline? So much more interesting than a run-of-the-mill evildoer. 

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