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can or cant you be known as cia

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    The episode when Annie was doing the walk ins, she introduced herself to walter and his mom as CIA

    But the episode were she needed to go to the farm to discover who leaks names of trainys, those people needed to leave, despite there good records and maybe handyness with computers and stuff.. They could be helpfull somewhere else?

    Also in the field some people know annie is cia, so when is it ok and why a double standard? Im confused?

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    They really did mis-handle her status in that walk-in episode. Lots of CIA employees are "overt", especially the analysts and tech guys, i.e. the ones who don't go on covert field missions. And some are "covert" with either an official or non-official cover. An official cover is one that has you working in another government agency. It's a safe bet at least one of the State Department employees in any U.S. Embassy is actually CIA. A non-official cover is like what Annie has, a civilian cover job. Because they're not officially recognized as government employees, they're more vulnerable, since they won't have the same kind of diplomatic protections that an official cover would provide. I think it would be INCREDIBLY unlikely that they would put someone with a non-official cover on walk-in duty where anyone who shows up would know she was CIA. What if one of those people later ran into her at a Smithsonian event?

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