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Episode Discussion: Letter Never Sent 2x16 (Dec 6)

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    [1]Dec 5, 2011
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    Let's discuss Tuesday's Season 2 finale Letter Never Sent here. Enjoy!
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    [2]Dec 6, 2011
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    They better not end the season here.. There has been no main plot this entire season.. Which isn't bad.. I mean.. Life is like that.. But they need more hooks.. Like with Ogie's eyes.. That could have been one.. But they shut it down with him not being a good choice for the surgery.. Then there was Walker's so called vacation with sister.. That was good.. She killed her first man close range shot.. It could show her having trouble dealing with that.. I was also thinking.. At that car scene, just before she walked away to get in the car.. She should have kissed Ogie, and then got it, and drove off, leaving him thinking.. Then as he was going to airport it looks like he gets on the plane, but then it goes to Annie's house and she opens the door.. It could be raining?? He is like.. We need to talk, then it fades to black.. That could be a perfect cliffhanger for a new season.. Being that there was no main theme to this season.. Just random missions etc.. Which can be done, as that is real.. Life doesn't always have a main badguy or evil thing to overcome.. There has just got to be more "Hookes" Key episodes like where Annie shoots her first man.. Starts something with Augie or Ogie.. however his name is.. Or like having her sister see just how dangerous her job really is.. You know.. Hooks.. All I can say is.. IF THIS is the last episode of the season.. SHAME ON YOU! Cause "I" who am not even a writer can think up better stuff then THAT!.. Not saying it wasn't a good episode.. It was GREAT! Just.. It will be SUPER FRUSTRATING if that is the end season episode..

    Anyhow.. That is my two cents.. And it only took me less then a minute to think up.. So yeah..
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    [3]Dec 7, 2011
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    ^^^You put quite a bit of thought into that and everything you said was solid and I know this because I've seen it all a thousand times before so i'm kinda glad they didn't go those routes but they did lay some nice ground work for a rivalry between Joan and Jay plus some kind of unrequited thing between Annie and Auggie,maybe Danielle will leave her husband and that could lead to some character development...but might I say this episode was a complete waste of Rene Sofer's eyes, just saying

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    Seemed kind of silly to me. The point of a casual pass phrase is that a non-operative should think nothing of it. So, you know she isn't your contact. You keep looking. To disappear makes no sense. It also makes no sense that there is no protocol if itdoesn't work. Or, maybe it made no sense for Auggie to say there is no protocol, because then he explained the protocol.

    And the idea shouldn't have been to find a way out of the country as soon as possible, but to hide, in any of a million places, like some random unoccupied office, or store basement. Don't just stand on the street looking confused.

    That phone display case made no sense and was much too convenient. Was it not really enclosed? Annie had zero trouble getting them to all sound. Why did they have batteries? And in a crowded train station, there must be lots of phones ringing. Why would Dani's be so noticible.

    When they got to the cottage, that would be a perfect place to ambush the killer. Rather than hiding, Annie should have been prepared to catch him approaching.

    And why would the Swedes have nixed a helicopter rescue?

    It seems to me that driving out of town in a common car model on a main road would be the simple way to escape.

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    [5]Dec 9, 2011
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    Was this a season finale? It almost makes me wish it were a series finale! I have to be honest and say I don't really care for any of the characters on this show because everything always seems so forced with all of them! Am I supposed to feel for the sister who comes off as if she is being neglected by her husband? Did he actually cheat on her, or is this something that she has assumed on her own to justify her own covert plans with her internet pal which we find out has been going on much longer? I feel this is her way of trying to live the life she perceives her sister to be living? Just my own little grip about TV writers and marriage, can we come up with something other than a cheating husband/wife angle? That one trick pony has been ridden to death so let's come up with something unique, new and different like a married couple with kids actually enjoying being with each other, you know, something crazy like that just to shake things up a bit!!! Now back to Annie, can we make her more credible as an agent? I'm a little tired of her Forrest Gumping her way through every episode! I'm not saying making her Fiona (Burn Notice), Ziva (NCIS) or Nikita over night, but my goodness I have to believe that she is capable of actually surviving at least one of these encounters without having to shut down my brain long enough to get through an episode!

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    [6]Dec 9, 2011
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    why was this a season final? Its only the 16 episode? When will it be back?

    I thought this was a weak episode maybe one of the weakest so far. Why would that man go after them if danielle officaly didnt understand the do you want coffie part. For the same he had mistaken her for another woman, which was quit possible because it was a big party. So why go after them without having proove of annie being the one he wanted???

    Auggie was also weird with the eye story they killed immidiatly. And the kiss or not kiss, also auggie saying your smiling now while she was sad was kinda weird because auggie normally is briliant in knowing what is happening but this was sooo far off it was just not good scene at all..

    So no i like the serie alot! easy watching nice acting and characters but this was just really week! And to think this is i a serie final is just a joke..

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    [7]Dec 18, 2011
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    Lame episode but I do hope for a new season and that the writers vindicate themselves.
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