Covert Affairs

Season 3 Episode 8

Glass Spider

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 04, 2012 on USA

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  • Cliffhanger Done Smart And Right!

    Wow this was one of the most intense hours of TV I've watched in a LONG Time

    I absolutely loved it and was on the edge of my seat literally during the entire episode!

    I adorned all of the Auggie and Annie action.

    Whoa what a cliffhanger ending it totally came out of left field for me and it was done incredibly smart!

    I REALLY hope that the person who hurt Annie is apprehended!
  • Incredible!

    What a brilliant hour of Covert Affairs! This episode was truly unbelievable in every sense of the word. The continuation of this ongoing case was very interesting, and there were some very exciting moments and some very exciting events througohut.

    But best of the lot was the ending, and I have to say that this episode's ending was just incredible! I can't believe what I saw! Next Wednesday cannot come soon enough because I want to see the next episode!
  • Glass Spider

    A bit surprised by the ending here, I will admit to that, but I don't think the show needs this. Obviously, Annie is not going to die, so this whole thing is a bit pointless. A solid episode overall, but the deceit within the organization storyline is not exactly enthralling or original these days. We'll see how it plays out though.
  • Good in Parts

    Exposing Lena as the bad guy closes one piece of the puzzle of the debacle of trying to play Simon Fisher, but not Annie's willingness to go along with it. In the real world, instead of being lauded as someone aspiring to top ranking in the echelons of CIA operatives she would more likely be booted out for lack of professionalism bordering on recklessness.

    Ben Mercer may still be lurking around somewhere in the background. Remember that Arthur forbade him to keep in touch with Annie. There are many who saw the Simon and Annie show as a wonderful love story, and I am probably in the minority when I see that about the only good thing to come of it was to prevent Annie from falling into bed with the guy from Mossad.

    Annie's appeal all along was her naivete. If she survives this shooting then hopefully the episode will sharpen her up so she will be less inclined to let her downstairs rule her actions and rely more on her upstairs.

    How anyone with their heads screwed on in the Agency could not see this going on is beyond me, or maybe they did. Arthur has been distracted by prospects of a diplomatic post, and Auggie sidelined with his own personal problems. With any luck Joan has Annie's measure.
  • A great episode

    I have to offer my congratulations to the show writters. They achieved a very good balance between the two positions of spy girl that they could choose from (compare last season's Annie and any mean slut spy girl from a Bond movie). I know that I will never get to see a real Annie Bond in any TV Show (maybe a Lena Bond, but not an Annie). But this goes a lot closer to it, and still leaves an open door for Annie to get out as innocent and pure as ever. After all, she did the number with only one guy (and a hot one too, and at the end, even a principled one). Nothing to cry about after all, ladies. But hey, you might forget about it, but I will not: when she started this, she knew what she was going into. She was Annie Bond. She did it for the job. She wanted to be the "bad girl" that is not restrained by her gender to do whatever it takes. Now we can all have a part of what we wanted to see. So thank you writters. I fear next episode we will see a lot of drama with Annie's recovery at stake and all. I dont look forward to it myself, but this will ease all of you schoolgirls that prefer spies to give another kind of show (oooh but dont you see all that we are missing by not letting our spy be more of a real spy!). She's not going to get Auggie yet but she will probably get closer. So everyone has their piece. I look forward to a few less dramatic and more fun episodes too. Congrats to writters again.
  • Unbelievable!!

    This show, which I have liked from the beginning just jumped the shark. Do writers get paid extra to kill shows, just to start new ones? Annie did not just take 2 in the chest and survive. Just when she was getting Simon to come in we get shocked with Lina blowing them away. They're gone, it's done, will not watch again , ever.
  • Nope did not like

    Nooooooo! Not what I was expecting at all!!!!!!
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