Covert Affairs

Season 2 Episode 7

Half a World Away

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 19, 2011 on USA
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When Auggie identifies the man responsible for the injury that blinded him at the Istanbul Jazz Festival, he decides to track him down.

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  • Amazing backstory for Auggie!

    This episode has got to be hands down my favorite episode of Season 2.

    We knew that Auggie was blinded in Iraq but we never knew any of the details. It was really great to see Christopher Gorham take center stage and see the whole story behind Auggie's injury and subsequent discharge from the Army it was very moving and powerful.

    It was amazing to watch the flashbacks to Auggie's time in Special Ops, he really was a different person then, happy and very content in his position and cared very much about his unit. Seeing him lose not only his whole unit but his eye sight all in one fatal blast was compelling and utterly devastating to watch all at once.

    I loved Auggie and Annie's correspondence in this episode as well, We really got to see how deeply these two best friend's have come to care about each other.

    I also really liked that scene at the end when Auggie comes home and he and Annie talk.

    I thought the confrontation scene between Auggie and his nemesis was truly suspenseful and right, I liked how it didn't veer off into just plain revenge, it felt like that's how Auggie's character would of been in the old days not like he is now.

    All in all I think this episode is a true highlight for me it was pretty awesome to see Auggie shine and I hope we get to see it in future episodes and Seasons.moreless
  • Auggie story in Europe and Middke East

    NIce to get some insights in the background of Auggie; besides of what you might be thinking of his character.

    Cover Affairs is not often in Europe (Istanbul is partly Europe); but they do just miss some details even though they claim they are into the details. In the episode in Zurich (Switzerland) they were NOT in Switzerland... And they even use incorrect number plates on the cars to make it look like they are.

    Now they are in Istanbul and this time they actually are there for the nice scenes; but they still mess it up.

    At some point Auggie gets driven by his new female friend and they are tailing a Mercedes. He asks what kind of car it is. She, a flight attendant, responds with: A Mercedes C63 AMG. No idea how a flight attendant would know that; but yes it is a nice car. The car they are tailing is a Mercedes E class though, and not an AMG version either. 2 big mistakes in 1 scene, come on guys. If you try to be cool and call names, at least get it right! Having her saying: a new looking Mercedes Limousine would have been more believable and would have done just fine!

  • 7/19

    I did not even realize that it was Lost vet Rebecca Mader at first, so I guess that this was a good job by her, but it is not like she really excelled in this role. Christopher Gorham can make any female actress seem competent. He is good in this role, but that does not mean I care enough about the character to wonder what his backstory was like. Truth be told, the idea of him losing his sight in an explosion does not leave too much up to the viewer's imagination, so when they mentioned it in season one that should have been enough for most, and it was for me. I did not hate on the episode because I thought it was unnecessary though, I just found it dull and unentertaining. So un-Covert Affairs.moreless
  • Auggie's backstory, Annie and Auggie friendship development, a little action, views of Istambul....A superb episode. Careful: Spoilers !!!

    I really enjoyed this episode, that's why: 1 : Istambul, Turkey, a beautiful city: During the few first minutes of the episode, we see Auggie enjoying himself in Istambul. He visits the docks, the Saint Sophie mosquee. The accent is put here on the different sounds of the city. Those images were beautiful because they show how a blind guy can enjoy such a beautiful city as Istambul. (If you've never been there, go look for some pictures : Instambul is incredible) 2 : Auggie hears the voice of the man who blinded him and tracks him down: Listening to the recording of the jazz festival, Auggie hears the voice of the guy who blinded him in 2007 in Irak. He thought this guy was dead so he asks Annie for confirmation of his death. Annie of course helps Auggie without question and reveals the terrorist is in fact alive. Auggie tracks down the terrorist using a stewardess he met. What I like here is that the accent is put on the way Auggie tracks the terrorist (whose I forgot the name). Auggie is the head of tech ops: he uses his brain more than his muscles to discover what the terrorist is going to do: he's planning to fly to Washingtoon DC in a container on a plane.

    3 : The emotional conflict: Auggie gets on the terrorist's plane with the intention to kill him. Before that, we see Annie trying to dissuade him to take such a radical action: the terrorist will be judged in the U.S.. Again, we see Auggie using his brain to discover in what container the terrorist is and makes a diversion to attack him. The fight is interesting: in hand to hand combat, Auggie is still the efficient soldier he was. Finally, he doesn't kill him but lefts him unconscious. 4 : Flashbacks: Throuhout all the episode, we see flashbacks that take us to Irak war. We hears the narrator, Auggie describe the scenes. What is really interesting here is that Auggie reflects on the war, on his duties there. One thing he says: "during the war, it's all about the killing". In the end, Auggie doesn't kill the terrorist: the war is over for him ; he is not the soldier he was. 5 : Annie and Auggie's friendship:

    At first, it was weird to hear Auggie's voice during the flashbacks: we discover at the end that he's talking to Annie, having a drink (or three) with her. That was really great : the friendship between the characters takes a huge step here. 6 : Reflection on the bindness Auggie speaks of his blindness for the first time: how he forgets the colors, the faces... But he can never forget the faces of the guys in his unit: he has a picture of them ; he can see them. A really superb episode: my favorite so far of the two seasons of Covert Affairs.moreless
  • Great idea! Christopher Gorham is the best thing about this show.

    Actually, his character should have a spin off show. Or maybe he can have more air time in each episode. Right now, this is like a light-weight copy of ALIAS. But Gorham adds something fresh and authentic. He's a delight to watch. Sendhil Ramamurthy, who was so wonderful on HEROES, could add a lot too, if his character wasn't so bland. Kari Matchett's character gets more interesting every week and Peter Gallagher is always great. The only weak player is the lead. Very likeable but nearly zero gravitas. Give more air time to the others! Please!!moreless
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