Covert Affairs

Season 3 Episode 1

Hang on to Yourself

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 10, 2012 on USA

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  • A explosive premiere no pun intended!

    The Season 3 premiere was so great!

    Poor Jai, I really liked him! I hope our trusty CIA team can find out who killed him!

    I can't wait 4 next week, I hope Annie & Auggie r okay, I still want them to get together!

  • Great one!

    Wow, what a blast - literally! My only negative with regards to that was that it should have been used as some osort of cliffhanger at the end of the last season insted of just sqeueezing it into the start of this episode.+

    I think the case was really interesting, albeit lackign in action ;a bit. The sandstorm was looking really cool!

    Ovberall, a good start to Season 3.
  • season 3

    The beginning of the first episode has and the reasoning behind it has turned me off the show. I have seen this cop out in too many comic books. Usually a sign of no idea what to do so go for the big bang and sort out later. If the character had survived, that aftermath would have been good drama, or having one of the characters captured and questioned. This was the quick and easy way. See the series The Beast that ABC did in 2000, that was serious!
  • Hang on to Yourself

    I approve of Covert Affairs having a long-running story arc as opposed to one-off cases, but this season premiere did little to excite me. Not surprised about the character that was killed off as he was never really used much by the show, and oddly it did not even seem like anyone around the CIA cared that he died.

    Not going to write the show off there, but this was a disappointing premiere.
  • Should have stuck with the REM songs as titles...

    because then they could have used "The End of the World as We Know It" for this one.

    If this episode is emblematic of the whole season (and, the interviews with the writers/producers indicates it is), then, its time for everyone to go find another series, because this one is dead.

    Where once there was a lightweight action series, with some minor drama and comedy thrown in, and plenty of fanservice actors and actresses just made for relationship-shipping, there's now the attempt to be a Serious Action Drama. They impress us with this tone by killing a major character in this episode, for no reason other than to change the series tone. Oh, and by the way, we're transferring you, Annie. No reason, just want to do something different. New boss, too, the Anti-Joan, 'cause, well, we want ANGST! And CONFLICT! And PLEASE TAKE US SERIOUSLY!

    No, thanks. Covert Affairs isn't a serious spy show (its not a serious show, in any aspect). It was fun entertainment with hot people, silly plots, and some nice little explosions here and there. That's what differentiated it in USA's lineup. Now, it's going for a Burn Notice clone, and let me tell you, Michael and Fiona kick the everlasting crap out of Annie and Auggie. Covert Affairs just jumped the shark.

    Too bad, because it was fun while it lasted. Bet on Season 3 being the last one.