Covert Affairs

Season 3 Episode 6

Hello Stranger

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 21, 2012 on USA
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    Covert Affairs "Hello Stranger" Review: Annie's Assets

    Consider all the tension that's been building between Annie and, well, everyone, this episode felt like a throwback to previous seasons of Covert Affairs, thanks to its rather cut-and-dry mission and squeaky-clean ending.

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    Annie tries to turn the chief of staff for the prime minister of Yemen into a CIA asset despite warnings from the State Department.

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    • Good one!

      To be honest, I'm not certain that I love this episode, but there were a few greats aspects tpo it that made me enjoy it.

      The storyline with Auggie and the therapist was GREAT! That was the highlight of the episode for me.

      The case Annie worked on was interesting and definitely better than hthe last episode, although I do think it could have been better. There wasn't any action throughout the episode, but that's only a problem if the case isn't interesting, which is not the case with this one.

      The ending is mixed for me, because I'm kinda over all of these transfters this season. Another one? Seriously?

      Anyway, at least it was much better than the previous episode.moreless
    • Annie is on a major mission!

      I loved this episode!

      Annie's dogged determination to turn Yemen's prime minister chief of staff, Seeing her cultivate a asset is always entertaining and this episode was no different.

      But I got to say Auggie in therapy was the highlight for me, it was so amazing to see him REALLY open up,however I am sad that he decided to end the session early. I really hope that he does end up getting wrangled into doing more therapy soon because his interactions with his therapist were very compelling to watch!moreless
    • Hello Stranger

      Auggie and the therapist can be a good storyline if they continue to do fun things like this, but my smart fan takeaway is that they end up sleeping together in another TV cliche. But today's storyline worked.

      Annie's pursuit of the Yemen man was enjoyable as well, even if it did not make a lot of sense. A solid offering from Covert Affairs, but it could have been more straight-forward.moreless

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      • Annie: Play the "what if" game with me.
        Auggie: Ooh, one of my favorites. Okay, a brilliant young operative flies to Minnesota to turn a valuable asset.
        Annie: What if she's caught by the State Department?
        Auggie: She calls for advice.
        Annie: What if Joan and Arthur caved to fate and sent her home?
        Auggie: If we're talking about the same operative she uses whatever time she has left to pursue her objective.
        Annie: What if she's been banned from the building?
        Auggie: Then she finds a way to make him leave it.
        Annie: Auggie you're brilliant.
        Auggie: That's not a "what if" statement.
        Annie : (pause) You win.
        Auggie: I usually do.

      • Dr. Susan Wilkins: Ow!
        Auggie: Oh, you okay?
        Dr. Susan Wilkins: Yeah, fire hydrant came out of nowhere.
        Auggie: Yeah, they do that.
        Dr. Susan Wilkins: Oh even to you?
        Auggie: Oh I bump into stuff about fourteen times a day, and I've been known to walk into the ladies' bathroom sometimes on purpose. The truth is being blind is hard. It's difficult everyday.
        Dr. Susan Wilkins: Do you ever wanna stay home?
        Auggie: Yeah sure but, I don't.
        Dr. Susan Wilkins: So when you're not up to it what do you do?
        Auggie: I keep going because I have to. About five years ago after my injury, all I wanted to do was to get back to my unit, keep serving my country, but I didn't see how I could do either of those things when I couldn't even cross the street. I found myself on a corner just like that one frozen ... turned around ... lost. So I threw my cane away. I heard it hit the ground, and just walked into traffic counting on somebody else to finish the job the explosion didn't. Some driver's have good reflexes.
        Dr. Susan Wilkins: You're a survivor. What does that feel like?
        Auggie: I'm lucky. I'm a lucky guy.

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