Covert Affairs

Season 4 Episode 5

Here Comes Your Man

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 13, 2013 on USA

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  • Intense!

    A fantastic episode that sends an Auggie-less Annie into Austria for an interesting series of events. I loved the secret communication between Auggie and Annie, and I think the dynamics at Langley are fascinating withe the arrival of Calder Michaels.

    The first scene was shocking... can't wait to see how we get from where we are to that point - it is killing me to find out more there!

    And the last few scenes were well done too.

    Teo's appearance was somewhat unexpected, but I want to see more of him into the main story.

    Looking forward to more!
  • Here Comes Your Man

    I like getting Annie back in the field, but these episodes are just not nearly as good as the action-packed episodes we got last season. The Teo storyline could be handled a little bit better. They should definitely reveal more about why he matters to the CIA.
  • Incommunicado.. sort of and more of the 'future' is revealed!

    Wow this episode was amazing even better than last week's if that is even possible!

    The scene at the beginning with Annie was really great I am loving the 'bread crumbs'

    Seeing Calder Michaels at the helm of the DPD was both compelling and repelling all at once he is so charismatic it's kinda hard to hate him but I still do!

    Annie and Auggie being separated professionally was super hard to watch but I like how they handled it as a couple.

    Auggie and Calder interactions this episode was really cool to watch they are just both so handsome and have such alpha personalities to see them go at it twice in one episode was awesome and I am so looking forward to more showdowns with them in the future!

    It was so awesome to once again to see more of Auggie's friends that man is uber connected I just love it and I hope we see more of his friends in the future!

    Joan and Arthur being on relatively friendly terms was really great they make such a dynamic duo!

    Annie's Vienna mission was awesome Vienna is such a gorgeous place and Annie's new NOC sure has it's perks!

    I loved who Annie's 'rescuer' was it totally caught me off guard, I was especially caught off guard by what her 'rescuer' did I mean DANG!!

    UGH! Henry Wilcox he is such a fantastic 'Big Bad' for this season he seems all knowing and all powerful I am hoping that my suspicions about who was following him towards the end of this episode aren't proven right because if they are I will be utterly disappointed as a 'Walkerson' fan!! But it could bring them even closer who knows?

    All in all this episode rocked I cannot wait for next week BRING IT ON!!