Covert Affairs

Season 1 Episode 6

Houses of the Holy

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 17, 2010 on USA

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    Piper Perabo finally seems to be loosing up a bit as Annie Walker did not take everything too seriously this week and was actually able to lighten up a bit. She even remarked how Auggie was not joking as much as she would like. This character's success is contingent on her developing a funny side, a lighter side, to complement that action-driven side and for once we saw some growth in that department.

    But the storyline of the week just did not deliver, it was boring, it was too political, and just not the kind of thing USA succeeds at. Solid episode, but certainly not great.
  • Mixed feelings about this episode.

    I didn't enjoy this episode as much as some of the other ones that hasve allready aired. I thought the storyline was pretty interesitng, but then they made it quite difficult to follow. I was pretty confused at some points, all right!

    I did, however, love to see Lauren Holly in the guest cast! She is a great acgtress, and she added a lot to this episode. Really great to see her again!

    Overall, this show is doing fine, but not a memorable episode. I think that there have been better ones, but sadly, the storyline has not developed since the plot, which was the best episode.

    I hope this show improves, but it is still doing well. Looking forward to next week!