Covert Affairs

Season 1 Episode 10

I Can't Quit You, Baby

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 14, 2010 on USA

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  • I loved Auggie in this episode, especially the scene with him and the kids. Annie needs to face her past and begin to heal! She is missing out on so much...

    I loved Auggie in this episode, especially the scene with him and the kids on the steps. I really hope that Annie falls for him, they would be an adorable couple! Her and Jay do not belong together, although he watches her back he is not completely trustworthy. He seems more interested in catching Ben than being in a real relationship with Annie, if he was sincerely interested he would find a way to tell her the truth.

    Before Annie can really be in a relationship she really needs to face her past with Ben and confront him once and for all.
  • 110

    Part 1 of the two hour season finale is actually a pretty decent installment of the show. There was some action, there was some comedy thrown in with Auggie, and there was a reason to watch this show. Covert Affairs has been good fun, but it has never been consistently strong. The show should have ended things here as this would end on a high note.

    When they have Annie in the field, that is when the show is at its best, but when they have these political messages, that is when the quality gets diluted. Solid hour, better than the second.
  • Annie works with a Wonk.

    This was an exciting episode, when Annie was in the casino I knew that she was suppose to blow all that money and lose at gambling, but I felt like I wanted her to win. Then when she did win I wanted to see her win again and was on the edge of my seat with all the rest of the gamers (who had their chips in) riding with Annie. I thought to myself what if she keeps winning. Then when Anne asked Vivian why she was doing the illegal business, I wanted to know if Anne was going to be effected by her answer or not, then when they decided to kill Vivian I wanted to see what Annie was going to do. Vivian's character reminded me of one of Annie's characters, but she didn't make the Agency.
  • Season and show keeps getting better!

    Week in, week out, Covert Affairs continues to improve, and the first half of the season finale was no exception! This episode was a cvery interesting one, and they did brilliantly to combin and put together a great case and great laughs!

    I really enjoyed the gambling scenes! Annie winning a jackpot was really funny! How ironic - when you want to win, yhou can't, but when you need to lose, you always win!

    The case was also very interesting, capped off with an intense gunfight andthat was certainly very suspenseful, right at the end!

    Keep it up, Covert Affairs! The second half of the season finale will hopefuly be just as awesome!