Covert Affairs

Season 4 Episode 3

Into the White

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 30, 2013 on USA

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  • Intriguing.

    This episode was really intense, with some great action scenes topped off with intrigue, deception and cunning moves both in the States and down in Colombia - it was very interesting to follow and there were some amazing moments, such as the rooftop scene.

    I am loving seeing more of Medellin - a beautiful city that has been utilised really well. I wouldn' object to another trip there, although we are probably headed elsewhere now.

    Looking forward to more - the show is going well!
  • Into the White

    A solid episode of Covert Affairs here. I like how they are mostly focusing on the action in the Teo drama, but they still put us through Joan scenes which just don't interest me right now. Kind of wish we could go back to the old days with Arthur and Joan in control and Annie going off on weekly missions.
  • The Plot Deepens!

    Dang this episode was so much better than last weeks!

    Annie's mission back to Colombia, was great it was full of intense action and really great spy-craft on her part! I still don't trust Calder Michaels he is way too shady for me but I still can't wait to see more of him the same goes for Teo too! Joan was really awesome in this episode too, the way she worked that Senate Committee, was great! Auggie's confrontation with Arthur was another highlight for me!

    I cannot wait for next week this season is really shaping up to being the best one yet!