Covert Affairs

Season 4 Episode 8

I've Been Waiting for You

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 03, 2013 on USA

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  • Stellar.

    This episode was absolutely phenomenal - so much intrigue, drama and action rolled together into the perfect package.

    The scenes in the armoured van during the transportation and the attack on the van were absolutely sublime. Throughout the episode, that was my favourite part.

    But the ending was also intriguing - Calder makes a play... very interested to see where it leads.
  • I've Been Waiting for You

    The Calder character has been a great addition, but do we really think he would reasonably think Annie is a traitor and have her killed?

    Interesting, but this whole thing is starting to get a bit over the top. Maybe, and I hope that will lead to a good finale, but we'll see.
  • Close yet.. no Cigar!

    Whew this was awesome!

    I loved all of the Annie/Teo interaction, it was so frustrating watching Annie being so close to turning Teo and it not seeming to work.

    The intel Annie gathered was very damming and I hope it's enough to stop Henry.

    Seeing 'Project Hummingbird' was really awesome I liked how it was a subtle technology not overtly 'spy-like'.

    Arthur and Teo's 'reunion' was fraught with tension & was very compelling. I also loved Joan's protectiveness of both Annie & Teo in this episode.

    I loved Teo & Joan's scene as well. Joan's 'showdown' with Calder was awesome.

    The ending with Annie & Auggie was very encouraging I desperately hope that it wasn't a heat of the moment thing and that they are able to get back 2gether soon, Auggie was right they are GREAT 2gether, not just as a romantic couple but as a TEAM!

    Seeing what happened to Auggie made me even more determined to see Henry back in his jail cell.

    I loved this tension-filled tightly written episode.