Covert Affairs

Season 3 Episode 16

Lady Stardust

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2012 on USA

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  • European research to make it look legit is still not right. Good attempt though!

    For this episode, mostly in Amsterdam, the research guy made less mistakes compared to last episode.... but it is still not quite right! Let me sum up the 'good and the bad' for you:

    - The were actually in Amsterdam; pretty nice. I have lived there for over 10 years, so I know a but about the city.

    - In the beginning Eyal is holding up a newspaper and Annie is seeing that same paper in the news-stands. It is called 'de Weekdag' and it is not a real paper; even though the papers next to it are real. De Weekdag translates to "the Weekday"; which does not make sense in Dutch; it would be 'The day of the week"; anyway, nice attempt

    - Thee guy coming out of the shop to help Annie is really Dutch and from Amsterdam. His swearing, well, translated in English would have never been allowed on US-tv and I am sure that does not like it if I write the translation over here. :)

    - The US consulate isn;t the actual consulate in Amsterdam: that one is smaller. It does look alike. Then again, I can imagine they did not get approval to shoot (film) over there.

    - Annie asks to meet at the "Bloemen-MarkEt" (Flowermarket). In Dutch it is Bloemenmarkt; like it is written a bit later.

    - After she shoots Eyal and runs in the little ally you get one more shot which is actually around the corner; pretty cool. The next shot of her running is 1.2 km (0.8 miles) of running later: just past Nieuwmarkt. In the next shot she is at the central station bike parking: another 500 yards. That woman can run on those heels!!

    - Augie makes the others to meet at Pier 10 (Peer 10). That does not exist. There is a thing like Pier 10, but that is a restaurant, quite a bit away from the area they showed (it went to quick to see at which Canal they were: the 4 canals next to each other look quite alike).

    - Auggie claims that the "oude Kerk in Delft' (Old Church in Delft) is their CIA meeting places. This is the church where the Dutch Royal family get buried. It is quite out of the way and not quite close to any big thing in the Netherlands: no military airport close and still quite far away from the city called Den Haag (The Hague) where all the (international) government business takes place.

    - On the phone Annie claims that they are going to make there way to the "North Sea" with that boat to meet up with an American (war)ship? That is a good 16 miles to the coast and most of it is on a 'small' canal where cruise ships and ocean-freight ships drive. Good luck with that boat Annie; it is not like there are any taxi's who can bring you there.

    - And yes; they got a number plate wrong. When Auggie and Eyal drive to the house where Annie is having a convo with Ansari they come in a rather old Peugeot 504: made in Europe from '68 to '83. Nice car for its time and I wonder where Eyal found the car; it is not like you can rent this one around the corner :). Anyway, the number plate combination is 57 - E2 - RD. Which is not possible in the Netherlands: between the dashes there are always either number or letter combinations; not a mixture of numbers and letters. O yeah, and the letter type is wrong.

    Besides that I enjoyed the episode. Nice twist and cool solution from Annie.
  • One Word : GAME CHANGER!!

    Whoa this season finale was even better than last years I was on pins and needles the whole time.

    Annie teaming up with Auggie in Amsterdam was really great, him surprising her was both funny and cute! His plan was really good.

    The Eyal/Auggie/Annie interactions were fabulous and were definite stand outs 4 me, I hope we see more of their adventures come Season 4!

    As usual Annie went off on her own at first I was really mad but once I saw her reasoning behind it I totally understood it.

    Auggie and Eyal rushing to meet her after Annie went off on her own was really sweet.

    Annie's meeting with Henry Wilcox is what I'm most anxious to see how it plays out, I cannot wait to see what mission he wants her to do!

    It finally happened and for those of you who are Auggie/Annie shippers you know what I'm talking about!

    All in all this season finale was a fantastic wrap up of this season.

    I super excited for the summer so I can see exactly what Annie's new 'mission' is!
  • Brilliant ending!

    This was an amazing season finale for Covert Affairs! Great events in the Netherlands and a very smart ending to the whole Ansari affair. It was executed to perfection!

    But there were some big developments back in DC at the very end! What was in that final file that Henry gave to Annie? I want to know! And the very last scene was amazing! <333 Auggie and Annie!

    Now I am very much looking forward to more! Phenomenal episode!