Covert Affairs

Season 3 Episode 16

Lady Stardust

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2012 on USA



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    • Auggie: We're talking about handing over Agency assets. How many names are on that list? How many lives are we trading for one man?
      Annie: Two assets in Riad. One in Dubai. But they're both collecting intel on OPEC not the Anasari family.
      Auggie: That distinction isn't going to mean anything to Khalid.
      Annie: Can't we get them off the board before Khalid's men can get to them?
      Auggie: Yes, but the lives of those assets will be irrevocably changed.
      Annie: I know, I pulled everything I could off the server on the Ansari family looking for a way around this. I can't think of another plan. I don't wanna give over those names either but somebody has to do something. Eyal needs my help and I can't do nothing.
      Auggie: Is this about Russia?
      Annie: And Paris and Zurich, and West Virginia, it's about all of it.
      Auggie: You once told me you didn't have feelings for him. Is that not true? Is that what's driving this?
      Annie: Why do you keep asking me that?
      Auggie: I have an idea, but we're not gonna violate Agency protocol and we are not handing over that file.
      Annie: Thank you
      Auggie: This could get very messy, you okay with that?
      Annie: Yeah.
      Auggie: This is a mistake, but at least we'll make it together.

    • Auggie: Do you see any tulips?
      Annie: Not this time of year.
      Auggie: I'm gonna pretend there are tulips and windmills. One of the benefits of being blind is I can imagine the way things look any way I like.
      Annie: People too?
      Auggie: Of course. One of these days I'll describe you to yourself. It's a hell of a parlor game.
      Annie: That's a plan.
      Auggie: This plan, on the other hand, was risky. I wasn't sure you were gonna make it. I didn't like that feeling much.
      Annie: You were worried about me?
      Auggie: Yeah, I was worried.
      Annie: Then you didn't follow your Sergeant's advice.
      Auggie: My Sergeant's advice didn't work because, the person I was worried about and the positive thing I was thinking about are the same.

    • Auggie: You got quiet all of a sudden.
      Annie: I know I just want this to work. (about her plan to free Eyal from Khalid)
      Auggie: It will. I had a Sergeant in basic training, mean son-of-a-bitch, but he taught us one thing that really stuck with me. Going into battle is like blowin out a birthday candle.
      Annie: Okay, that doesn't help me all because I have no idea what it means.
      Auggie: I means, don't over think it, put all the noisy thoughts out of your head, close your eyes, think about one positive thing that you want. (Annie stops and closes her eyes) Or one thing ya love.
      Annie: (Annie smiles and opens her eyes) Okay I'm ready.

    • Annie: What's going on?
      Auggie: I've been thinking about today, about our lives. There's nothing certain about what we do. There's nothing certain for people like us. Now there's a conversation I've been hoping to have with you for a while now but I've never found the right time to have it.
      Annie: What are you saying?
      Auggie: Timing's everything. I wanted to talk now, Annie.
      Annie: What do you want to talk about? (they kiss) I'm glad we're having this talk.(they kiss again)

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