Covert Affairs

Season 3 Episode 10

Let's Dance

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 18, 2012 on USA
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    Covert Affairs "Let's Dance" Review: Game Changer

    Wow. Covert Affairs has really taken a dive into the dark side, hasn’t it?

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    The CIA looks to find verification that an enemy has taken cover in Russia.

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    • Time to grow up.

      The show has gotten better over time. However, it's time for Annie's character to developed an identity and stop appearing as a CIA operative in training. It would nice if she could reflect a persona like Genea Davis, in the movie "A Long kiss Good Night." Or, Gina Carano, in "Haywire." Those movies were well done and laid a good foundation for women in action movies. It's unfortunate neither movie was followed up. Annie needs to step up and kick some a** next season via the first season of "Alis" with Jennifer Garner another female CIA agent.moreless
    • Annie's quest for Justice!

      Wow what a amazing episode to end the Summer with!

      It was so tense I barely took a breath while watching it!

      Annie is still recovering from her shooting but her thoughts rest only on bringing Lena to justice for killing Simon and severely wounding her

      With Joan and Auggie's support, she travels to Russia in a attempt to gather proof in order to have Lena extradited to America.

      The showdown with Lena was AMAZING, I was hardly breathing during it, while Justice is great I think Vengeance is sweeter and seeing what Annie did to Lena was so cathartic for not only me as a audience member but for the character of Annie as well! I could feel her relief!

      From the looks of the next episode which is FOUR WEEKS AWAY UGH IT'S GONNA BE TORTURE!

      It seems that for our favorite CIA spy things are only looking worse!

      I truly hope that Joan and Auggie can help Annie out of the major pickle she has landed herself in!

      This episode was majorly tense and incredibly acted with Piper Perabo giving a truly fantastic performance!

      I cannot wait 4 October 16th to see how the rest of Season 3 plays out!moreless
    • Brilliant one!

      What a brilliant and epic continuation to this storyline! It has been a storyline that has been absolutely phenomenal in recent weeks, and I've been looking forward to this episode more than any other episode of Covert Minds, except maybe the previous episode - Suffragette City.

      I thought the events in Moscow were very interesting, with lots of danger and brilliant moves on both parties. The climax was great, with a breathtaking conclusion, and I wonder what will happen next!? Will Annie be able to get out of Russia in one piece?

      Can't wait for the next one!moreless
    • Really Impessed With This One

      I'm totally with SeanBemont on the question of how realistic it is for Annie to get back in action like this, but to be fair, "Let's Dance" actually takes place like a couple MONTHS after "Suffragette City", not a couple days. They didn't make that real clear in the episode though; they kinda left it to us to figure it out on our own. I am a real stickler for details and continuity though, so when I was watching the ep I kept thinking, "Shouldn't Annie have a huge surgery scar somewhere??" Especially since they clearly said a couple times in ep 9 that they had to open up her chest. It drives me insane when t.v. shows don't bother with the details, but I'm kinda waiting to see how this all plays out to see if they dropped the ball on continuity or not haha.

      Other than that, I was impressed as hell with this episode. They could have taken this story many lame/cheesy directions after eps 8 & 9, but instead I think they took the exact right path. They are putting a clear focus on character development in season 3 especially for Annie, and this episode gave us a ton on that front. Annie was looking a little dead in the eyes for a good amount of this episode, as well she should, after the ordeal she's been through. You could feel a palpable sense of loss there and Piper Perabo played it brilliantly (seamlessly shifting through many mental/emotional states as well). I talked smack when she got nominated for that Golden Globe a couple years ago haha, but only NOW in season 3 are the writers actually giving her a chance to flex some acting chops. It's about freakin' time.

      Anyway I loved practically everything about this ep so I won't get into all of it, but I will just say that the final scene between Annie and Lena was also pretty amazing. They did a great job at building tension and making you really wonder what you'd do in that situation and what Annie was going to do. Maybe the "out" they gave Annie to allow her to shoot Lena in self defense was a little convenient, but the scene was so good up till then that I didn't really mind it.

      I love that they've had the balls to go dark this season and that they've totally changed up their storytelling style with great results. In season 1 or 2 there'd be no permanent consequences from any of this for anyone and Annie would be totally fine and dandy and ready for her next "mission of the week" again by the next ep. I still find myself being afraid that they'll go back to their old ways and go this route. I hope not!! I really hope they stick with the great precedent they've started in season 3 with the serialized storytelling and proper character development. Fingers crossed!!moreless
    • Let's Dance

      USA Network went overboard in hyping this episode....and let's just say that every commercial was warranted. This was easily the best episode of Covert Affairs yet, and it felt like a great action movie, moreso than a one-off installment of this show. It was action-packed, they told an excellent story, and it was well-thought out, something rarely seen on basic cable.

      Watch the episode now.
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    David O'Hara

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      • Annie: (Annie answers her cell phone) Hi.
        Auggie: Annie listen to me you need to get out of Russia.
        Annie: You shouldn't be calling.
        Auggie: I know this is off book, but your ambush damaged State's negotiations and the Russians are looking for you.
        Annie: The negotiations were bullshit, I'm the only one whose acting.
        Auggie: Annie please, you're a person of interest, every moment you remain in Russia is a moment too long. Now, I can arrange a water egress for you through the Black Sea. Use your resources and protocols and get to Novosibirsk.
        Annie: I'm sorry I can't.
        Auggie: Annie do you remember that moment we talked about in the car, when you've gone too far, this is that moment. Now I need you to come home. And this isn't the agency calling, and I'm not Joan. There are things that I need to say to you, face-to-face. Important things. Please.
        Annie: I'll see you soon.

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