Covert Affairs

Season 4 Episode 10

Levitate Me

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 17, 2013 on USA
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Annie must dodge attackers while making a last desperate effort to take down Henry and finds herself facing off with Calder.

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  • Perhaps the best episode yet.

    This episode was incredibly good - drawing upon the scene we saw from earlier this season and working towards that point. Everything was executed spectacularly and it was just a perfect storm of everything that needded to happen.

    This now opens a lot of doors and a lot of possibilities and I am so keen to see where it takes us next time, because it's a whole new ball game now.

    Spectacularly entertaining - unmissable hour!moreless
  • Levitate Me

    Perhaps the show is going a little too crazy these days, but I am still intrigued week to week and I guess that is all you can ask for. We'll see how long Henry can keep this up.
  • Nice episode

    but apart from the content, I just want to add something else:

    This episode takes place in Frankfurt, Germany. People in background or on TV speak german.

    This is a good series, yet has no money to buy one person who speaks german!

    Obviously scenes in Frankfurt and just ask one to see those few sentences, cause even the News, when Annie watches it, the news anchor speaks false german ;)

    so!! had to say this ;)moreless
  • Drawing Towards the Inevitable

    One of the minor problems with providing a flash-forward at the beginning of the season is that the episode of culmination can feel a bit predictable as a result, if the context is easy enough to surmise long before the moment of revelation. In the case of Covert Affairs, that was more or less the case; I don't think anyone was shocked by the events that took place at the end of the episode.

    That said, Henry's gambit is a worthy challenge for Arthur's team generally and Annie specifically. All of them are going through the gauntlet in ways they never have before, and while I doubt very much that Annie's world will never be the same again (despite the promos), it's clearly going to be an awesome six-episode season-concluding arc to get the team back in action.

  • Summer Season Goes Out With A Bang!

    This was a even better summer finale than last years!

    I loved Annie in this episode, she was really smooth in her spy-craft!

    Okay I kinda like Calder a bit more now after what he did for Annie.

    I hope Arthur is able to get out of the mess he found himself in!

    Joan's interactions with Arthur, and Auggie were really awesome I loved seeing that closeness.

    I HATE Henry I want him gone!

    Annie's plan is pretty last ditch but I hope it works, I also loved the surprise 'cameo' it was awesome and I hope we see more of that particular 'cameo' in the future!

    These four weeks are gonna drag on I am super excited to see how the rest of this season plays out!moreless
Sergio Di Zio

Sergio Di Zio

Gary Probert

Guest Star

Zuleikha Robinson

Zuleikha Robinson

Bianca Manning

Guest Star

Kate Trotter

Kate Trotter

Senator Claire Pierson

Guest Star

Gregory Itzin

Gregory Itzin

Henry Wilcox

Recurring Role

Oded Fehr

Oded Fehr

Eyal Lavin

Recurring Role

Dylan Taylor

Dylan Taylor

Eric Barber

Recurring Role

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    • Annie: Dear Danielle, I know we haven't had a chance to talk in awhile. We may not get a chance to speak again. So I'm asking you to think about the times when Dad had us look for the Evening Star, Venus when it appeared in the west just after sunset. No matter where we lived all over the world there was Venus. It was our star. Now I'm asking you to think of me whenever you see Venus in the sky. No matter where you are, I'll be there. I love, you Danielle.

    • (phone conversation with CIA listening in)
      Auggie: Annie, you don't need to do this.
      Annie: I'm sorry Auggie.
      Auggie: This is Henry Wilcox's fault not yours.
      Wilcox: He knows we're on to her.
      Annie: I should of never read you in that morning in bed. I should of just said I love you.
      Auggie: I love you too, come home.
      Annie: I can't.
      Auggie: Annie ...
      Annie: It's too late for heart to hearts.
      Auggie: No Annie ...
      Annie: Good-bye Auggie.
      Auggie: Annie? ANNIE?!

    • (Eyal has opened the body bag in the van and restored Annie with an injection)
      Annie: We're here alone. It worked?
      Eyal: After all the times we've had, how could you have any doubt?
      Annie: I never had any doubt. I trust you with my life.
      Eyal: Clearly.
      Annie: (still amazed she's alive) It worked.
      Eyal: (hands Annie a duffle bag) Yes. So you got a change of clothes, money, a temp ID until you cement a new one and a Pesek Zman.
      Annie: A what?
      Eyal: It's Israeli chocolate. Oh, this is the Mossad file for Sana Wilcox.
      Annie: Mossad? I thought you quit the Mossad?
      Eyal: Why would you ever think that, neshama?
      Annie: I bet you never even got on a boat, did you?
      Eyal: Didn't even get out of Europe. Mossad's not very big on vacations. So, is this really the end of Annie Walker?
      Annie: Yes.
      Eyal: Then it gives me great pleasure to be the last one to ever tell you this, you're an amazing woman, Annie.
      Annie: I can't thank you enough.
      Eyal: Thank me next time. Wherever you'll be. (they hug) Go.

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