Covert Affairs

Season 4 Episode 13

No. 13 Baby

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 31, 2013 on USA

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  • Spectacular.

    Not too sure what's up with the low scoring of this episode considering it was unequivocally one of the best of the season. We had a major series of developments that culminated in a very chilling conclusion at the bus station - one that might just have bought Annie aka Jessica the time she needs to finish this.

    This was a highly compelling hour and a completely spectacular episode. One of my favourites that Covert Affairs has produced. Well done!
  • No 13 Baby

    I am a fan of Covert Affairs, but to be fair this episode was really boring. The shooting at the end was surprising and a big moment, but the other 35 minutes or so were just too disappointing and uneventful.
  • Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

    One theme I noticed in this season is how the couples do the same stupid thing even though older couples (and couplings) fail so spectacularly. Arthur and Joan are the oldest couple seen, but Helen, Auggie, and Annie didn't learn from their elders. Even Annie and Auggie didn't learn from Helen and Auggie's relationship! I would like to point out the Henry doesn't do the wetwork; he has a whole company's worth of employees to choose from! So why is he alone in the bus station? I hope this storyline ends this year. Covert Affairs is much better as a procedural type of show, or maybe they get Joss Whedon to sketch as season arc.
  • Turning Up The Pressure!

    Wow this was great!

    I loved seeing Annie & Auggie, & Calder working as a team sort of LOL!

    Seeing Auggie & Calder really beginning to team up was really awesome they make a pretty cool duo!

    I hated watching Annie and Auggie being apart especially when they were on the bus wow it was so tension fueled! However I did really enjoy the reappearance of the Corvette I hope we see it again before the end of this season!

    It seems that Annie's plan is working because Henry is defiantly feeling the pressure I love seeing him sweat I hope Annie & Co. can keep it up!

    I felt really bad 4 Joan in this episode as well it was super hard to see her and Arthur going through a tough time given all they have already been through.

    Auggie and Helen's interactions were okay but I felt really bad 4 how Helen's storyline 'ended' while I wasn't particularly fond of her she didn't deserve to go out like that!

    The DPD gang finally has a good lead on Henry I cannot wait 4 next week to see how it pans out!