Covert Affairs

Season 3 Episode 15


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2012 on USA

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  • The Europe research guy at the production company was sleeping again!

    So, Cover affairs is back in Europe again. I like these episodes, as the production company is really trying to make it look like they are actually in Europe... but they are not so good at it. Let me go over some mistakes:

    - Eyal was concerned for Amy to go over the Luxembourg - France crossing towards Metz. Well, there is no need because there is this little thing called the EU: there is literally NO-one at this boarder crossing: I have been there multiple times last 2 years. You could say something about the big boarder crossings into Switzerland. They still have real boarder crossing and they do check. Hopefully Amy fixed the wires hanging out the steering wheel.

    - So, then the number-plates in Zwitzerland. The front and the rear numberplate are different; they projected the rear-type number plate on the front of the car. Oops... but yeah, when you don't actually have Swiss cars, it is a bit hard to project the smaller number plate over a bigger one from another country (see the Audi at the club: this brand has special bumpers for Switzerland which exactly fit the plate. I know, as I had one. And, a small thing; the chances that all the cars in Switzerland are actually from Zurich (to have the Zurich plates) is very minimal. Especially more expensive cars from the kind of people who visit these clubs are registered in lower tax area's. But ok, I give you this one for free mr. researcher.

    - Mediran Telecom is fake. But fun to make an effort.

    -In the clubhouse Eyal is texting Amy to her old smart-phone. Wasn't that one dangerous to use in case they track her? They did not want to take new Mediran Telecom phone?

    -Shall I start about Eyal's German? Basically bad in anything: but he got the words right.

    -The guy delivering the 100k Euro's tried to speak with a nice Euro-accent. Well, it wasn't an accent from a Swiss person or any country close.

    - And talking about the Euro's. They claim to be in Switzerland: they don't have the Euro and really, they don't use it either. If you want to buy yourself into something in Switzerland with black money, better to use Swiss Francs; the alarm-bels go off after way higher amounts.

    - Their apartment in Zurich

    But hey; Amy was in Amsterdam. That is really the central station in Amsterdam! Good job!

    Can't wait for the next episode!

  • Very impressive!

    This was a great episode with Annie running from Ansari's men in Luxembourg, leading to some very interesting developments in Switzerland and a brilliant ending!

    Aside from all of that, we witnessed Auggie's mission in Iraq, and I love the secne where he gave the purple heart medal to this child who was there when the bomb went off and helped keep him alive. It wass a great scene!

    The developemnts in Zurich were great! The events in Ansari Senior's club were very interesting, and Megan meets a sticky end as anticipated.

    It was a great penultimate episode and I really look froward to the finale!
  • very nice episode !!!

    I was loosing interest for the last few episodes, but now the show is back in the game for me!
  • A amazing penultimate episode!

    This was such a great set up for the finale!

    Annie and Auggie's scene in the beginning was so adorable, her. toast to Auggie was incredibly sweet. I hope they are able to get their feelings out about each other by next week.

    Auggie's arc was really compelling and my favorite part of this episode, I liked how he was able to help his 'Battle Buddy' find closure and he himself I think finally got the closure he so desperately needed

    Henry Wilcox is defiantly up to something and I hope Arthur can find out what it is

    Annie on the run was super exciting to watch who knew high heeled booties could be so deadly?

    Her turning to Eyal for help made complete sense to me, it was nice that they were able to reach a understanding by the end of the episode as well.

    Eyal's choice was both heroic and stupid I hope Annie can get him out of the jam he's found himself in!

    All in all I think this episode was fantastically compelling and a wonderful second to last episode of the 3rd Season.

    Seeing next week's preview nearly gave me a heart attack, I am bursting with anticipation for next Tuesday to come!


  • Quicksand

    Another strong episode of Covert Affairs. Christopher Gorham does a believable job playing an ex-soldier who helps other understand the hardships of that life, and of course the scenes with Annie and Eyal in the field are always entertaining.

    Excited to see how the season finale ends.
  • Awesome Episode

    Augie mentioned taking a battle buddy back to Iraq and said he was from my hometown Smyrna Delaware. Awesome