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  • Great spy show

    Great spy show, lousy chemistry between main cast. Eyal was the most believable character as a secret agent, Annie less so.
  • NO! I AM NOT OK!!

    This is devastating! I loved this show and looked forward to it each season! I agree with rogun! It wasn't the show that was the problem because it was great and let's be had a main character that was female which gave the younger generation of women someone to look up to ANNNNNND they cancelled it. Same as the fact that there are movies about every super hero EXCEPT Wonder Woman! Either is just another one of the great shows that networks are letting go and keeping ridiculous things like reality tv shows! #bringonwonderwoman

  • is the show cancelled?

    is there any news about a new season? thank you
  • Director needs to restore Annie's reputation

    in the most recent episode 6, Auggie tells Annie that she puts the mission ahead of him whereas he puts her ahead of the mission. This makes sense and it is how it should be because Annie puts the mission even ahead of herself and that is exactly why Auggie needs to look out for her and put her ahead of the mission. On the other hand, since Auggie tends to put his close friends ahead of the mission, it raises the likelihood that the mission may fail and so Annie has to let him do what he must and try to secure the mission.

    This way, the mission gets accomplished and Auggie saves Annie and his other friends.

    The stupid director needs to bring this point out and restore Annie's reputation. Why did she even bother marrying the fool
  • " Good luck"

    I love this episode because there was lots of action for every characters.

    I love Joan and Arthur fighting for their lives and make peace, Annie and Auggie supporting each other and Calder, Annie and Auggie fight together as a team to catch Henry and the finale scene "Hello, Ms. Walker"
  • Auggie & Annie

    i love Auggie & Annie together. just like BF & GF
  • Awesome show

    I am tired of waiting between seasons for the show to come back on. I watch it regularly and it keeps me entertain from beginning to end and rate it as good as Burn Notice and NCIS....
  • Best spy show on cable (sorry BN!)

    I love me some spy stories. This is a smart, suspense-filled, action, drama with just the right amount of chemistry between the main characters. It gets better every season! I love, love, love the fact that this show actually shoots some of its stories in Europe and the East. It gives the show a fantastic realism that others do not match. I hope that it stays on the air for a long time to come!

    . I'm still a fan of Burn Notice too :-)
  • Getting Better and Better

    Did not think they could make this show any more exiciting, but the last few shows raise the level of excitement and intrigue to new levels. My wife and I find this to be our favorite show. Keep up the great work!
  • Sexist much? A response to the Annie haters.

    ---Spoilers Alert ---

    Annie is a perfect dynamic hero. She makes mistakes, but learns from them. She's not perfect, but has a beautiful outlook. Past reviews have stated Annie is less brains and more action slut this season, but I would have to ask if those people have ever had tragedy in their life? The direction of this season matches perfectly with people who have just had a life changing moment and want to just act not think. Annie's impulsive, reckless abandonment and straight action best typifies the emotionality and raw fear that now is the agency. As for her being a slut, that's rather a sexist viewpoint don't you think? So a woman can't be James Bond? He's a man whore yet wildly loved by millions. I think society needs to question their judgement calls on women. And in fact, Annie Falls In Love with Simon, so please, refrain from making rude, uncalled for accusations. Especially since you obviously have not kept up with the show. Finally, Annie changing departments opens up the plot line and we are now coming full circle with the question of why Jay died. She was not "pimped out" as one person stated, but chose to use another form of her femininity. As Lina said, men use sex all the time, so yea, why can't women? If you are going to reprimand and insult one gender, lets keep it even across the board shall we. Point is, this show has been more action packed, energy drive, raw emotions flying everywhere, and I LOVE IT! I love how the creators have shaken things up, and are really showing what these characters are made of. Well done, and cannot wait till the next episode!

    Please tell me they haven't taken this show off! TV has really gone to the DOGS! I loved this show! Why can't you leave the good stuff and take off some of those STUPID reality shows? Covert Affairs has adventure, action, a good role model, a good female role model with some good old fashion moral values, something that is very rare. This show is decent and the writer has a wonderful imagination, and Covert Affairs has excellent actresses and actors. I enjoy living through Annie's character for an hour a week and I really looked forward to seeing it. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to finally have a good entertaining show to watch that don't need the blood, the guts, the filth, and foul language edited out, and THEY TAKE IT OFF!
  • Absolutely The Greatest Show Indeed

    I've been watching this show since it started . . .and for all you out there that feel the need to BASH the show and actors. . . .why don;t you take a hike over to somewhere else and quit spoiling it for the rest of us. At least its a change from all the constant shows with cops & law episodes. . .give us a break and take a hike. At least we appreciate great actors and the fact that the producers tried something different AND it was successful!
  • The multi-lingual, young, quick to learn female spy has her hands full with her private life and her assignments.


    I do hope that this program makes it. It often seems that a new program starts out with a great idea and a great first and maybe second season and then somebody in their infinite wisdom pulls the plug. I'm hoping this program will go someplace and not be another flash across the screen.

  • I'm suprised to find my self not just liking this show but loving it.

    When i first saw this advertised all i could think was alias made for a wider tv audience, but after watching not only was i proven wrong but am now absolutly hooked. It entertaining, funny occasionally poinent and just a genuinly good show for the whole family to enjoy.

    and to everybody who is saying this show is completly unrealistic first i say im sure you know from all your years working for the cia and secondly it's not supposed to be this show is fun light entertainment, made for anyone to watch, and if you have a problem theres pleanty of other things on just don't bother watching.

    can't wait for season 2
  • A new guilty pleasure indeed.

    I'm a fan of this show; odd as it may seem, it's a real teeth grinding feel it gives off -- for me at least. At first, I only checked it out because of the fact the girl was from "Coyote Ugly", which happens to be another old movie I watch from time to time. Anywho, back to the show. The show offers some real action, while actually developing a plot, and if you've ever seen TV before, that is all too uncommon. Another thing I found really great, the subplots between different characters; though I may not know their names just yet. For example: Peter Gallagher and his wife's characters are absolutely hilarious; between the normal couples tension and her thinking he's cheating, it's hilarious. Looking forward to what this show will offer in the future.
  • Brilliant lead actress and amazing storyline equals an instant sensation!

    This is a show that I've loved from the first minutes! There is just so much action packed into it, that I can't find any faults. It is gripping viewing, and they have really added a lot of suspense everywhere.

    I think that Piper Perabo is doing a terrific job as the lead actress. She certainly does tohe role justice and I hope she can continue to lead this cast in a great direction!

    While this might tnot be the most unique storyline and it might seem tlike they've taken an old show and given it a new name, I dion't think that is the case, and this show has every potential to succedd and be a sensationa!

    Keep it up Covert Affairs, and I really can't wait to watch some more!

    I'd highly recommend this show beacause it is just so full of action and intensity!
  • Annie is the first female spy to have a show centered around her. Covert Affairs combines intrigue & sex appeal which women have enjoyed in James Bond & Get Smart etc for years and packages it for men... its about time.

    I am thrilled that Covert Affairs has returned. As far as entertainment goes, the more good points a form of entertainment has, the better it is, the more birds it kills with one stone the better. Covert Affairs has many good things going for it... Sex appeal, Intrigue, Action, an International Setting, Fast cars, Technology etc.
    Humans have long had a love affair with the spy game. And most spies have been male, which targets the female viewers. Think about it, there's James Bond, Get Smart, Michael Western etc... all MALE spies. On the other hand, can you name another FEMALE spy?
    I would like to see them give Annie more gadgets though. The show seams to want to stay within the realm of the believable, unlike the invisible cars, exploding gum etc that James Bond is famous for. They could however push this envelope a bit more. There are a lot of high-tech gadgets that walk the line of the believable, and that do ACTUALLY EXIST.
  • Love this show!


    I absolutely love this show, I don't know why there are so many negative comments towards it. I can't wait for the third season to start... don't end this show. I like the secrets,suspense, and the chemistry between Annie and Auggie. There is nothing wrong with this, in fact if this show got cancelled i would be very disappointed.

  • JoelJohn1--Female Spy shows

    JoelJohn1--I love this show, it completely rocks, but to say that this is the first female show about a spy is ridonculous! Have you ever heard of Charlie's Angels? How about Scarecrow and Mrs. King(who became a spy), and the hugely-popular, and recent - Alias?!?

    All of the above were long-running series, and to think that possibly the best of all of them was the most recent - Alias! Jennifer Garner became a household name because of this series. I like a lot of shows like this and Alias, this series is so fantastic that I went out and bought the DVD of is as soon as I could...
  • Cancelled

    Sorry to see you go, Annie.

  • Get used to the fact that there are more prime time shows on TV besides on the leading networks. No longer are the cable channels just half hour shows about cooking, pets, travel, cakes or families with extenuating situations.

    How many new shows are coming out of Hollywood with a strong, cute female Piper Perabo, in the lead? Here is a young lady who has her faults but her strengths are her ability to speak many languages and to learn on the run. She has a great support staff that helps her in her quest, and again there is another strong woman Kari Matchett. I do have a problem with the character Auggie. I think it is played very well by Christopher Gorham, but why is it that the part of a person with a dissAbility can't be played by a person with the same DissAbility?
    I also enjoy the fact that you can see shows I missed on-line, or it may be replayed at a different time. I am still getting used to the fact that there are more prime time shows on TV besides on the leading networks.
  • All good things must come to an end.

    I loved this show very much, am I am not happy with how it ended. I did not get through many of this seasons episodes, because of the scenes were in extreme poor taste. It did have its good points, but I was not happy with how things ended, but I was sad to see it end. It would have been good to see annie and auggie stay together in the final season. I am going to continue to watch the dvds of this show season 1-4(. I would not recommend watching season 5)

    and just going to pretend thats where it ended, and leave it at that with Annie and Auggie at the hospital with Joan and Arther at the hospital with Magenzie Campbell.
  • Why would USA cancel this?

    It gets good ratings and has loyal followers. The problem wasn't with the show, but with the marketing for it. Covert Affairs was one of the better shows on TV, so it's sad to see it cancelled. Having said that, I'm surprised it lasted 5 seasons, because shows this good rarely receive a 2nd. I really think the Showtime comedy Episodes is more realistic then you'd think, because network people are idiots.
  • mistakes


    Ive just watched S04E10 on foxlife in Europe. The show is about spies-all about details importance. But the show ( not the first time) made an appearance mistakes.. Annie is in Germany and is going into the bank with flat into camera gives large picture of her lying on the floor with high heels the end of the show,Annie walks out with the flat shoes again. This is not the first time made mistakes. Show is good and would be great not to have such major mistakes. Thanks.
  • Time to grow up Annie

    The show has gotten better over time. However, it's time for Annie's character to developed an identity and stop appearing as a CIA operative in training. It would nice if she could reflect a persona like Genea Davis, in the movie "A Long kiss Good Night." Or, Gina Carano, in "Haywire." Those movies were well done and laid a good foundation for women in action movies. It's unfortunate neither movie was followed up. Annie needs to step up and kick some a** next season via the first season of "Alis" with Jennifer Garner another female CIA agent
  • Do not like betrayal!!!!

    Hate it when ur left hanging on for next week this much!!!!
  • Suprisingly good

    I found myself thoroughly enjoying this show. Its fresh with some good plots - not too overdone. And I like their choice of characters - no-one too famous who makes the show all about them.

    I also like the continuing story thread of Ben - they weave the intrigue nicely. You never know if she is being used as the CIA never let on more than they should. And lets see what happens with Liza Hearn

    I also like the title sequence - very cleverly done with a catchy tune. I hope they develop this show and it doesn't get culled.

    It keeps me watching every scene.
  • Covert Affairs is a great tv series. It has a great storyline, great casts, but I didn't give this show's score 10 because I am a bit disappointed on the episode finale. But I still love this show.

    I really love this series. It has a great storyline and great casts. Each episode from the first season were so good. But I expected so much more from the episode finale of the first season and I am a little bit disappointed. I can't wait to buy the season one DVD and I also can't wait for the second season to come. I would love to see more from Peter Gallagher and I expect that they will have a great plot from the second season and make it more interesting than the first season and not just 11 episodes like they did in the first season, but with more episodes.
  • She have everything, she deserve more time in the screen and will be surpirse some directors...

    She can assume more complicated roles, is deep and she seduce almost every one, some time need to be more convincing in some parts of his role. Congratulations Piper, continuous your hard work!!

  • It's alive!!

    These last episodes are sure making up for all the previous bleh ones. I can finally say that I can't wait for next episode!! Keep it up, Covert Affairs!!
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