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  • Getting Better and Better

    Did not think they could make this show any more exiciting, but the last few shows raise the level of excitement and intrigue to new levels. My wife and I find this to be our favorite show. Keep up the great work!
  • Are CIA agents that incompetent?

    I have been watching this show for the last month or so and it makes me wonder whether the network is writing the plots based on real stuff from the real CIA. This girl doesn't seem to hit one right. If the real agents are as ineffective as this actress is at being a CIA agent, no wonder we keep getting bombed out, get terrorists in NY, CIA honchos kept getting caught by the local police (Petreaus anyone?), employees can't keep a secret, anybody can get in there, secret papers are for sale by high school dropouts pretending to have an education (E. Snowden), and so on. Every time I watch the show, everything she tries does not work at all and her plans are rather pitiful. My co-workers and I make bets on the spot how it all going to end up for her at the end of each episode: bad. She sure is a lousy agent.
  • used to be good

    shame how the program has deteriorated into a sex fest.
  • Seems the writers are totally lost...

    This Henry Wilcox thing has dragged on to the point where I can't even watch the show any longer. We no what is going to happen - Annie is either going to nail Wilcox or the writers are going to drag this out for 3 more seasons. They should drop the "Covert" from the title. The writers seem to have lost their way and just dragging out a story line that should've been 4-6 episodes tops into 20+. It's like watching a 20 hour mini-series - or a soap opera - absolutely ridiculous. It's as if the writing staff just doesn't know how to end this - or they're intentionally dragging it out to string along fans. I was a fan but it's just silly and, in a way, insulting, now. If I want to watch a neverending story I'll put on General Hospital.
  • dislike

    I dislike the new direction. Annie seems less smart. More guns and more sex are not the best option for this show. The human factor was the reason for me to watch. Trying to make Annie a female James Bond does not work.
  • Dead in the water

    Covert Affairs has gotten to be one of the worst shows on tv. Annie isn't the same person anymore. The show doesn't even have a plot anymore. They need to go back to the way it used to be

  • Sexist much? A response to the Annie haters.

    ---Spoilers Alert ---

    Annie is a perfect dynamic hero. She makes mistakes, but learns from them. She's not perfect, but has a beautiful outlook. Past reviews have stated Annie is less brains and more action slut this season, but I would have to ask if those people have ever had tragedy in their life? The direction of this season matches perfectly with people who have just had a life changing moment and want to just act not think. Annie's impulsive, reckless abandonment and straight action best typifies the emotionality and raw fear that now is the agency. As for her being a slut, that's rather a sexist viewpoint don't you think? So a woman can't be James Bond? He's a man whore yet wildly loved by millions. I think society needs to question their judgement calls on women. And in fact, Annie Falls In Love with Simon, so please, refrain from making rude, uncalled for accusations. Especially since you obviously have not kept up with the show. Finally, Annie changing departments opens up the plot line and we are now coming full circle with the question of why Jay died. She was not "pimped out" as one person stated, but chose to use another form of her femininity. As Lina said, men use sex all the time, so yea, why can't women? If you are going to reprimand and insult one gender, lets keep it even across the board shall we. Point is, this show has been more action packed, energy drive, raw emotions flying everywhere, and I LOVE IT! I love how the creators have shaken things up, and are really showing what these characters are made of. Well done, and cannot wait till the next episode!
  • I have never reviewed a show but this show is so bad I thought I would warn others. I watched the whole 1st season and the season 2 premier before I passed judgement.

    Characters have very little depth, story lines have no depth, lead character's flashbacks to the same crap gets old quick, green screen scenes are HORRIBLE... I've seen high school kids make movies that look just as bad - collage kids make them better, directing is nothing special - looks like a beginner, the writing is average at best - again it looks like beginners are doing the writing.

    It is really too bad... the actors are good but the show makes them look like amateurs. USA is really desperate if they left this show on the air. No where even close to the quality of White Collar or Burn Notice.
  • Inconsistency

    I thought that the CIA was not supposed to perate on US soi!?
  • General Questiion regardin languages

    As a German working in the TV and movie industrie for almost two decades, I have come to know a lot of Germans that went to LA to persue their careers, so I really wonder why shows like Covert Affairs (and a lot of other shows) do not employ them when eg Piper Perabo is talking German to some extra in "Berlin" or "Vienna". It can't be the money, but over here we are cringing.
  • not interested

    Truthfully the second the "love" affair with Pudgey boy McQuaid went down. I lost all interest! Show used to be one of my favs... just terrible and its more than this latest romance I agree with most everyone here who feels this show is "running" downhill.. too
  • super agent to slut!

    Okay - you just lost 2 loyal viewers. Joan has been replaced as a mentor and boss with a female pimp! After last weeks' 2 bedroom scenes back-to-back, we are done!

    I miss the smart, ethical Annie with the new "use your body not your brain" and don't worry about anyone else, including her sister who is moving to California! Another meaningful character gone.

    I wonder how James Bond would respond to his boss telling him to use his body to get what he needs to succeed!
  • Why are we all seen as dummies?!

    This week our duo has just put down some guys that were shooting at them with rifles. They know more bad guys are on their way. In the next scene the duo is shooting down the block at more bad guys with their handguns and missing. Why weren't they using the confiscated rifles? Why do the writers feel that their audience are mindless dopes, incapable of rational thought?!
  • pick it up

    USA again F's up great show
  • Auggie & Annie

    i love Auggie & Annie together. just like BF & GF
  • Cancelled

    Sorry to see you go, Annie.

  • annie walker is a c.i.a agent in training who for some odd reason is prompted to field agent.

    the show is very good and we get a great actress in piper perabo to play the main character annie walker.

    the show has great writing,the acting is very good,but the action is lacking.

    the problem with this show is that the action in the show is not too good.the character annie walker gets beat up alot.i guess its b/c shes a new field agent.

    also just like alias the story is sometimes hard to follow b/c of all the information thats given to you.

    so even though the show is good with the writing,sometimes good action,good acting,and good twists in episodes.

    the problem is that sometimes the episodes are hard to follow and the action isnt all that good.

    overall its a good show and i think with time the action and the information in the episodes can be better.
  • Enough with Henry!!!

    I like the show, I really do, but I'm sick of Henry anymore. All good characters as Ben, Simon, Teo, Danielle, Jai and my favorite Eyal are gone, and I'm about to stop watching it, because it annoys me the way story goes... I hope writers will do something about it.
  • Not Quite ALIAS

    You will find enough action and place to see but its not quite the same as the Sydney from Alias fame. ITs been three seasons and it still feels as if the show can kick some more and have more explosions and make the plot more devious. Currently the predictability is kind of old school. If I miss an episode the world won't stop.
  • How much better would this be?

    Hollywood wonders why they are losing audience.

    The feminists are killing off the good shows which had strong male casts by insisting more females get added. So the female is given the lead part written for the male actor without any change or logic that it is a girl in a man's role.

    This is just taking good parts for men and giving them to woman for some liberal social experiment and quota. Then you ask why are the strong action shows failing. Even Big Bang about social awkward geeks has turned into Friends.

  • Lame and Boring Sorry...

    Blah Blah Blah,,,,pretty blond chick as a spy totally unrealistic and Auggie is being played as a blind softie. .Blind people I know have some edge to them. Annie is always running around. There is never any time to show she DOES have another life. She sucks as a spy,always looking surprised while in each assignment. I think if you let Auggie go nuts and do some things that are evil,it would add excitement. As it is now,he seems like a helpless puppy dog tagging along after Annie all the time. This show has sucked since day one. I tune in like once every few months and it still hasn't changed. Suits is boring except for Louis. Burn Notice rocks,so does NCIS. Necessary Roughness was good the first few episodes,but that went down the drain also. What happened to quality shows? The Soul Man, the Exes aren't very good either( I watch it for Holly cause she is awesome). Hot in Cleveland makes me want to throw up,such horrible acting ... Please get these crappy shows OFF and put some good shows on .I know SOMEONE out there can think of a good plot for a show . And why do you butcher our comments? You leave out words and the whole paragraph ends up making no sense?
  • Great spy show

    Great spy show, lousy chemistry between main cast. Eyal was the most believable character as a secret agent, Annie less so.
  • is the show cancelled?

    is there any news about a new season? thank you
  • Best spy show on cable (sorry BN!)

    I love me some spy stories. This is a smart, suspense-filled, action, drama with just the right amount of chemistry between the main characters. It gets better every season! I love, love, love the fact that this show actually shoots some of its stories in Europe and the East. It gives the show a fantastic realism that others do not match. I hope that it stays on the air for a long time to come!

    . I'm still a fan of Burn Notice too :-)
  • The multi-lingual, young, quick to learn female spy has her hands full with her private life and her assignments.


    I do hope that this program makes it. It often seems that a new program starts out with a great idea and a great first and maybe second season and then somebody in their infinite wisdom pulls the plug. I'm hoping this program will go someplace and not be another flash across the screen.

  • All good things must come to an end.

    I loved this show very much, am I am not happy with how it ended. I did not get through many of this seasons episodes, because of the scenes were in extreme poor taste. It did have its good points, but I was not happy with how things ended, but I was sad to see it end. It would have been good to see annie and auggie stay together in the final season. I am going to continue to watch the dvds of this show season 1-4(. I would not recommend watching season 5)

    and just going to pretend thats where it ended, and leave it at that with Annie and Auggie at the hospital with Joan and Arther at the hospital with Magenzie Campbell.
  • Covert Affairs Is Right!


    I am a FAN of the show and the characters; however, I JUST CANNOT believe Annie as this great spy that has all of the sudden gone "dark". The entire second half of the season, I trudged though in loyalty.

    Not that I'm a fan of dragging things along, but perhaps they needed to drag this out a bit more to show Annie transforming into this undercover-dead-dark-operative. It just feels like she went from her ridiculous Louboutin's to Doc Martis's and driving her bright red YOU CAN'T REALY FOLLOW ANYBODY car to riding Motorcycles way too soon.

    Still a fan though,
  • A guilty pleasure indeed

    It might be an Alias wanna be but the Christopher Gorham eye candy makes up for the little girl lost spy. They do need to do something about the crappy green screen scenes though.
  • the blind guy has a monitor so others can see

    the information that that is being "translated" into his headphones.

    annie sees the info on the screen while a speech program describes it to augie
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