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  • Great spy show

    Great spy show, lousy chemistry between main cast. Eyal was the most believable character as a secret agent, Annie less so.
  • NO! I AM NOT OK!!

    This is devastating! I loved this show and looked forward to it each season! I agree with rogun! It wasn't the show that was the problem because it was great and let's be had a main character that was female which gave the younger generation of women someone to look up to ANNNNNND they cancelled it. Same as the fact that there are movies about every super hero EXCEPT Wonder Woman! Either is just another one of the great shows that networks are letting go and keeping ridiculous things like reality tv shows! #bringonwonderwoman

  • All good things must come to an end.

    I loved this show very much, am I am not happy with how it ended. I did not get through many of this seasons episodes, because of the scenes were in extreme poor taste. It did have its good points, but I was not happy with how things ended, but I was sad to see it end. It would have been good to see annie and auggie stay together in the final season. I am going to continue to watch the dvds of this show season 1-4(. I would not recommend watching season 5)

    and just going to pretend thats where it ended, and leave it at that with Annie and Auggie at the hospital with Joan and Arther at the hospital with Magenzie Campbell.
  • Why would USA cancel this?

    It gets good ratings and has loyal followers. The problem wasn't with the show, but with the marketing for it. Covert Affairs was one of the better shows on TV, so it's sad to see it cancelled. Having said that, I'm surprised it lasted 5 seasons, because shows this good rarely receive a 2nd. I really think the Showtime comedy Episodes is more realistic then you'd think, because network people are idiots.
  • pick it up

    USA again F's up great show
  • Cancelled

    Sorry to see you go, Annie.

  • Below average show

    The whole show does not make any sense, main character is hired as a cia agent because of only one reason that she speaks few languages, she does not know or carry firearm which is surprising, she is not even good in hand hand really does not make any sense why she was hired in the first almost all the episode it feels like that she gets into the situation but some how she manages it feels more of luck or the twisted can be covert operations be so the intelligence field operative are more highly trained for hand to hand combat and special fire arm training then other law enforcement agency. But this show fails to deliver anything more of a family show for kids not a spy to very little drama in cia thats even hilarious husband and wife are running cia and wife is using agency resources to spy on her and unrealistic....
  • is the show cancelled?

    is there any news about a new season? thank you
  • not interested

    Truthfully the second the "love" affair with Pudgey boy McQuaid went down. I lost all interest! Show used to be one of my favs... just terrible and its more than this latest romance I agree with most everyone here who feels this show is "running" downhill.. too
  • Why are we all seen as dummies?!

    This week our duo has just put down some guys that were shooting at them with rifles. They know more bad guys are on their way. In the next scene the duo is shooting down the block at more bad guys with their handguns and missing. Why weren't they using the confiscated rifles? Why do the writers feel that their audience are mindless dopes, incapable of rational thought?!
  • From Favorite to Never Again

    I used to consider this at the top of my watch list. That is, until some idiot decided there needed to be a narrator telling me what I can see. If this programming change is to involve those who have no or limited sight, I applaud you. However, I will cease immediately watching this show because the narration totally ruins the experience. Thanks for several good years. Too bad you found the need to ruin it for many of us. Good luck in the future.
  • too fake

    The show is too many fake scenery. Sometimes stunt doubles are shown who look nothing like the actors. What kind of spy uses her real name and drives a red car? Series has little to no attention to detail!
  • Review from sri lankan About mentioning their country

    The season Covert Affairs mentions Sri Lanka a lot. But we should Notify you that Sri Lanka Is a Sinhalese country. so therefore we would like to see people talking in Sinhala more. but as of now we see them talking only in Tamil all these days.
  • the blind guy has a monitor so others can see

    the information that that is being "translated" into his headphones.

    annie sees the info on the screen while a speech program describes it to augie
  • mistakes


    Ive just watched S04E10 on foxlife in Europe. The show is about spies-all about details importance. But the show ( not the first time) made an appearance mistakes.. Annie is in Germany and is going into the bank with flat into camera gives large picture of her lying on the floor with high heels the end of the show,Annie walks out with the flat shoes again. This is not the first time made mistakes. Show is good and would be great not to have such major mistakes. Thanks.
  • Director needs to restore Annie's reputation

    in the most recent episode 6, Auggie tells Annie that she puts the mission ahead of him whereas he puts her ahead of the mission. This makes sense and it is how it should be because Annie puts the mission even ahead of herself and that is exactly why Auggie needs to look out for her and put her ahead of the mission. On the other hand, since Auggie tends to put his close friends ahead of the mission, it raises the likelihood that the mission may fail and so Annie has to let him do what he must and try to secure the mission.

    This way, the mission gets accomplished and Auggie saves Annie and his other friends.

    The stupid director needs to bring this point out and restore Annie's reputation. Why did she even bother marrying the fool
  • blind guy with a monitor

    I need help understanding why the blind guy has a monitor in front of him.

    Any logical explanation is welcome.
  • used to be good

    shame how the program has deteriorated into a sex fest.
  • How much better would this be?

    Hollywood wonders why they are losing audience.

    The feminists are killing off the good shows which had strong male casts by insisting more females get added. So the female is given the lead part written for the male actor without any change or logic that it is a girl in a man's role.

    This is just taking good parts for men and giving them to woman for some liberal social experiment and quota. Then you ask why are the strong action shows failing. Even Big Bang about social awkward geeks has turned into Friends.

  • Annie get your gun

    I know some fans like to see Annie as a modern day Mata Hari but I find endless series of Annie gets her end away predictable and tedious.

    Now Little Noddy has had his turn, Big Ears returns next week and there have been hot and meaningful glances with McQuaid who has even gifted her with a gun as a crude romantic gesture!

    Who will be next? Can't wait.
  • Really?

    In S05E02 - False Skorpion, Annie follows a terrorist to a Mosque (?) in Maracaibo, Venezuela (?).

    OK, it's a Latin American-looking place, people speak Spanish etc etc.

    But then the camera zooms out to a broad aerial view of downtown Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, which is one of the country's best-known landmarks, where the area with Lacerda Elevator and the Mercado Modelo are instantly recognizable to 200 million Brazilians and quite a few foreigners. That's not showing good homework.

    I had a good laugh at it, but I didn't think the director's intention was for it to be funny. Not even the same language is spoken in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil and Maracaibo, Venezuela. In times where accurate information is found in thousands of websites, that was definitely poor homework.

    But I'll follow the show into its fifth year - it's a great series

  • When is this show returning to UK tv?

    I have been watching this show when it first came over to the UK. But it has been gone for a bit. When is it coming back?

    I am a FAN of the show and the characters; however, I JUST CANNOT believe Annie as this great spy that has all of the sudden gone "dark". The entire second half of the season, I trudged though in loyalty.

    Not that I'm a fan of dragging things along, but perhaps they needed to drag this out a bit more to show Annie transforming into this undercover-dead-dark-operative. It just feels like she went from her ridiculous Louboutin's to Doc Martis's and driving her bright red YOU CAN'T REALY FOLLOW ANYBODY car to riding Motorcycles way too soon.

    Still a fan though,
  • She have everything, she deserve more time in the screen and will be surpirse some directors...

    She can assume more complicated roles, is deep and she seduce almost every one, some time need to be more convincing in some parts of his role. Congratulations Piper, continuous your hard work!!

  • language, really?

    I was so glad and relieved to finally find a TV show that didn't use foul language, but you had to mess that up didn't you? And not only mess it up but do it to the worst degree possible; cursing God. First of all the show was excellent without cursing of any sort but then you had to go and mess things up and what is wrong with you, you really think cursing God is going to help? Well, I'd bet you would never think about cursing Allah, Budda or Muhamad? And tell me why not, why do you think it's ok to curse God but not one of the false gods? I for one am truly offended and will not continue to watch your program if it is in your plan to do that again. I really hope it isn't.

  • Home Field Advantage?

    The Chinese should have taken Wilcox AND Walker!!! Wilcox was ex-CIA with no money and no connections. Tom Clancy is rolling in his grave!!! At the very least, Wilcox was worth trading for last week's dude. Oh well. Pretty girls are not enough for a lasting series, get better writers.
  • " Good luck"

    I love this episode because there was lots of action for every characters.

    I love Joan and Arthur fighting for their lives and make peace, Annie and Auggie supporting each other and Calder, Annie and Auggie fight together as a team to catch Henry and the finale scene "Hello, Ms. Walker"
  • General Questiion regardin languages

    As a German working in the TV and movie industrie for almost two decades, I have come to know a lot of Germans that went to LA to persue their careers, so I really wonder why shows like Covert Affairs (and a lot of other shows) do not employ them when eg Piper Perabo is talking German to some extra in "Berlin" or "Vienna". It can't be the money, but over here we are cringing.
  • Enough with Henry!!!

    I like the show, I really do, but I'm sick of Henry anymore. All good characters as Ben, Simon, Teo, Danielle, Jai and my favorite Eyal are gone, and I'm about to stop watching it, because it annoys me the way story goes... I hope writers will do something about it.
  • Seems the writers are totally lost...

    This Henry Wilcox thing has dragged on to the point where I can't even watch the show any longer. We no what is going to happen - Annie is either going to nail Wilcox or the writers are going to drag this out for 3 more seasons. They should drop the "Covert" from the title. The writers seem to have lost their way and just dragging out a story line that should've been 4-6 episodes tops into 20+. It's like watching a 20 hour mini-series - or a soap opera - absolutely ridiculous. It's as if the writing staff just doesn't know how to end this - or they're intentionally dragging it out to string along fans. I was a fan but it's just silly and, in a way, insulting, now. If I want to watch a neverending story I'll put on General Hospital.