Covert Affairs

Season 4 Episode 12

Something Against You

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2013 on USA

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  • Stunning.

    The plot thickens as Henry closes in but there are small victories for both sides in this episode in the midst of the war as a whole.

    Sana is a great character, but we might not see her again. Even if that's the case, she certainly played a big role in the last two weeks.

    I am really enjoying the season and Im' very excited to see where Annie will go next... and excited to see Helen's next move also!
  • Something Against You

    I like the direction the show is heading, but it just feels so predictable as to what will happen. Will they try and give us something shocking in the next few weeks?
  • Great Season! Great Episode. i do no trust Helen! I like Calder.

    I like Calder, but still do not trust him he seems to want the truth but way too ambitious. I do not trust Helen because she is hypocritical and states one thing to Annie and opposite to Auggie. I think she always has or got turned to start working with Henry especially after the episode where she was following Henry in DC and Henry next tells Annie he learned a lot in the few days and states Helen is alive etc.. Which makes me think Helen blabbed etc..

    I saw the premiere episode and loved it especially with the elevator scene and what a great song. I am still not convinced Calder is a complete good guy but I will say he is a very good poker player and knows how to play the game and keep straight face.

    I love Auggie and the emotional "good-bye" to Annie was heartbreaking almost as heartbreaking of Auggie not being able to tell Joan the truth. I absolutely love Auggie he is such a great guy and not hard on the eyes either!!

    Annie was fine until Sana interrupted the interrogation and all hell broke loose. Annie was some rash decision, but good ones because it panned out in ways that may not have been intended but were eye openers. I do not think Sana really was helping Annie etc... She kept questioning Annie's technique and comparing it to Henry and how Henry would make her feel safe and other comments made me think she still felt something for Henry because if she did not she would be more angry and hurt and she did not show that.

    I do not trust Helen at all too much about her is unknown and actions are questionable. It made me think back to Henry telling Annie all what it takes is finding the proper piece of paper motivation and money. Before, I get to that in regards to Helen lets talk Calder.

    I really like the actor who plays him because although I do not trust his character I do like how he rattles people especially Auggie. I liked it when he told Auggie that any trainee at the farm could tell they were sleeping together etc... I also like din this episode that Calder grilled him again to make sure he is zero contact with Annie.

    When I heard Eyal would be back for an episode I figured it had to be good I a way and suspected he would be the one Auggie would call or Calder to help with the mission like Eyal was called to help Annie out of Russia.

    Now, onto why I do not trust Helen. she tells Annie she made the best decision going dark. the marriage was a cover to her. she followed Henry and did not seem worried. after that following Henry "learned" she was alive and learned so much and let Annie know. Helen comes back after Annie's "death" claiming to still have feelings for Auggie. Things do not add up. What she discusses with Annie and Auggie she contradicts herself.

    I still do not trust calder to many slide of hand gestures and he reminds me a little of the woman from Season I think. Eyal is obviously jealous of Auggie..

    I do not think Annie needs to become Henry to beat him. She did the right thing and took herself off the board so she is a wild card that she can used to her advantage. I love the motorcycle and being a brunette. Yes Brunettes are bad asses and have lots of fun..

  • Bridges Burned!

    Whew this was a doozy of a episode!

    Seeing Helen come back was pretty cool I can see her side of her decision to 'go dark' but I still don't want Auggie and her to get 2gether!

    Speaking of him I felt so bad 4 Auggie in this episode he was really torn between telling Joan the truth and keeping Annie safe. However I did really enjoy their 2nd scene together it has been awhile since we've seen their close friendship and it was a very welcomed sight!

    I hope Joan is read in soon!

    Watching Annie and Sana work together was cool but I could tell that it wouldn't last, I could feel Annie's desperation the whole time, she really was making stupid and rash decisions! When that bridge was burned I could feel Annie's disappointment it was palpable!

    I hope Annie is able to come out of the dark for her and Auggie to reunite LOL!

    Still this was another strong episode, I sincerely hope that Annie & Co. can take down Henry, he so NEEDS to GO DOWN!

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