Covert Affairs

Season 4 Episode 6

Space (I Believe In)

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 20, 2013 on USA

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  • Perfect.

    This was perhaps the best episode of the season so far - and quite definitely the best one that didn't leave the States.

    The investigation of Seth's murder was interesting and Annie's involvement was well executed.

    And the stuff with Henry was highly intriguing - I lovd the whole final scene with Annie.

    All up, a tremendous episode!
  • Space I Believe In

    A good episode, and good to see Annie nearly go away for an act of defense (despite the break-in) but somehow Henry saved her. I don't like how much of a vital part to the story they are making Henry this season, but the argument with Annie was a great moment.
  • The Definition of 'Race Against The Clock, The Puppet Master Reigns & A Major Revelation!

    Wow this episode was fantastic a major highlight since the Season Premiere!

    Annie Auggie & Joan try 2 clear Annie's name was awesome to watch, they make a great trio!

    Agent Rosabi being back was nice I like his character and what happened to him came out of the blue 4 me!

    Damn that Henry Wilcox he is like the ultimate Puppet Master I SO want him to be brought down!

    Annie & Henry's end scene was incredible his revelation about Auggie's past was a total bombshell and something I had hoped wouldn't of happened but I am so excited to see the aftermath of it in come next week and most importantly to see if Annie and Auggie can survive it I really hope that they can!