Covert Affairs

Season 3 Episode 9

Suffragette City

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 11, 2012 on USA
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    Covert Affairs "Suffragette City" Review: Annie’s Yellow Brick Road

    I really hope that next week’s post-coma rundown includes at least 30 seconds' worth of Annie's pals surrounding her bed while she tells Auggie and Danielle and all the others, "You were there, and YOU were there," straight-up Dorothy Gale-style.

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    With Annie's life on the line, the CIA team sets out to discover the truth.

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    • Simon getting killed

      i was sad when Simon got killed, I like them both together. love Covert Affairs, one of my favorites, Criminal Minds is my top.
    • How can the suppoed top CIA Agents be so Gulliable?

      Spolier Alert--

      I am new to this show and have had to work backwards. I am watching this episode and thinking I really like it and liked that Annie is finding clues, but in the real world the higher ups of CIA are looking into Annie. All the time I am thinking how Gullible can they be? Simon protected Annie and was shot twice and killed and Annie was shot twice with the same gun. Ballistics would find out it was from the same gun. how can 2 people be shot and only one gun and they were shot from a distance each? I knew something was up from Lena from day one, but my suspicions were concerned today. My other quip is Annis has high clearance, but not high clearance like say Lena and what intel could she give? Simon was older than her, so what could have possibly contributed since a lot of missions were going on longer than she was an agent? Annie was not with Simon and prior to Jai's death Annie was on her own missions especially when Jai's missions were blown. So, if she was the leak and she clearly knew nothing about Jai's ops how could she spill the beans? Wouldn't they look into which area Jai's had his missions through? It seems like Lena's department had a lot to do with them coincidence? I am surprised and found it irritating that all these little details and oddities did not play a factor and the so called Top CIA operatives who are the best in their own right could not see that and ready to hang Annie out to dry. Which made me question their own expertise and made me frustrated. The episode was saved by Auggie and his clear devotion to Annie. When are these 2 going to get together they both like it each and it is always fun seeing Auggie teach Annie one on one combat.moreless
    • Phenomenal!

      This episode was simply incredible, as we continue on from the epic cliffhanger from the previous episode last week! I was really looking forward to this episode, more than I have ever looked forward to a Covert Affaris episode before, and it sure didn't disappoint!

      There were so many interesting events, not least of which were the accusations against Annie and watching everything unravel. The 'dreams' Annie was experiencing were a little weird, although I really enjoyed the eerie effect in the cafe with Simon and the wind blowing past. It gave me flashbacks to the NCIS Season 5 Finale. It was nicely executed!

      And the story sure doesn't end here! I hope this continues on and I can't wait to see what is up next and if they will catch Lena - and what they do to her when they catch her!

      Can't wait fo rthe next episode! Keep it up, Covert Affairs! This was just brilliant!moreless
    • One of the best episodes yet

      Anyone still sleeping on Covert Affairs has to admit they were proven wrong tonight. Another action-packed episode, and we even had the stuck-up Joan in a fight scene and chase!

      Seeing Auggie, blind and all, track down the details and evidence to exonerate Annie, truly was compelling television. I was a little disappointed with Annie's "out of body" experience, but this was a really strong episode.
    • NOBODY Messes with Auggie's Bestie!

      Wow! This episode was highly anticipated by me I was super anxious to see if our darling badass CIA operative would pull through. But as much as this episode was about Annie. It was really about Auggie and his immense loyalty to her!

      He is right there thirty minutes after she is shot, he is her emergency contact, no surprise there!

      The whole of the episode Annie is off in her own mind, her subconscious giving her clues as to who could of shot her.

      In the real world Auggie is desperately trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together in order to prove Annie's innocence after she is accused of treason. He is steadfast in his belief that Annie would never betray her country or the Agency.

      Watching Christopher Gorham in this episode was great he was both vulnerable and incredibly loyal it was a great episode for him!

      Giving that Annie's shooter is still not apprehended I am SUPER excited for next week to see how Annie deals with being shot and if or when she and Auggie will ACTUALLY get together! The 'moment' in this episode was amazing but I SO wished it was real!

      All in all this episode was amazingly tense and superbly acted with Christopher Gorham giving one of his best performances of Season 3 so far!moreless
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      • Arthur: You didn't come here to give me a update on Annie's condition did you?
        Auggie : Word is Annie's being accused of treason. Tell me that's not true. (Arthur lowers his head) This is bullshit!
        Arthur : Hey!
        Auggie : This is bullshit sir! There is no way that could be true! What proof do you have? I want to see it!
        Arthur: It's above your clearance Auggie.
        Auggie: Annie Walker's no traitor. I don't care what evidence you have it's wrong. I'm gonna do whatever I have to do to prove it!

      • Auggie: (talking to Annie while she's in a coma) Annie hey it's me, Auggie. You know the guy who gave you the Corvette. Since I have your undivided attention I'd like to share my thoughts about how Billy Collins' poetry is overrated and derivative. If you agree with this say absolutely nothing. The thing about this whole witty banter deal is it kinda takes two people otherwise its just a guy by himself being incredibly clever. I miss you, Annie. I have for a long time. Things have been different between us since Barcelona and it's all my fault. I have been closed off and distant and I can't tell you how sorry I am for that. I don't know if you can hear me but I need you to wake up. I know you're not a traitor and right now you're the only one that can help me help you. I need you, Annie. I never need anyone, but I need you. (Auggie sighs and reaches out to take Annie's hand)

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      • Original International Air Dates:
        United Kingdom: November 14, 2012 on Really
        Canada: December 6, 2012 on Showcase

      • Featured Music:
        "Can You Save Me" by Apple Trees and Tangerines (main title theme)
        "Stars" by Fun (opening scene)
        "Cutty Love" by Mile Greene (Annie and Auggie dance and kiss)
        "Cherokee (Nicolas Jaar Remix)" by Cat Power (closing scenes)

      • Additional credits:
        Redd Knight - Assistant Production Manager
        Monica Naverrete - First Assistant Art Director
        Marco Sousa - Picture Car Coordinator
        Bill Koon - Key Scenic
        Sven Thaysen - Head Carpenter
        Kevin Barry - Assistant Costume Designer

      • Special billing was given to Peter Gallagher (and) and Sarah Clarke (and) for this episode.

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