Covert Affairs

Season 3 Episode 3

The Last Thing You Should Do

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 24, 2012 on USA

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  • Really Fun

    Not sure how realistic the ida of a blind man outsmarting a bunch of pirates is, but this was a very interesting show tonight, and a clever take on the obligatory hostage crisis episode that all dramas must do every few years. We saw the battles within the CIA and then in Africa as well. Not really interested in Annie's sister's problems, but as far as the storyline with Auggie tonight, it was well done.
  • Auggie saves the day so great!!

    Whoa I always seem to forget what a badass Auggie really is and he totally proved once again this episode that despite not being able to see he is still one amazing spy! It was amazing to watch him keep his cool during such a horrible event! I'm super excited to see more of this proactive and in control Auggie in future episodes!
  • Best episode, by far!

    Quite simply, there were no episodes of Covert Affairs with this much suspense and this much action and drama up until this one. It was just impeccable.

    I thought the plot was very interesting and there were many unexpected twists and turns with a lot of great drama and lots of great suspense!

    I certainly hope that we continue to have episodes up to this standard! This was just too good to be true!
  • Plot Lost

    About the only thing that would bring this show back on the rails is the re-appearance of Ben Mercer. However I fear that the original premise is long gone.

    Annie's wistful looks after with her dalliances with impossibly good-looking agents from other countries in series 2 gave some hope that she had some personal integrity left.

    Whatever does she think she is doing trying to play Simon Fischer, a man that she has been told is very dangerous and who she suspects is playing her? Are we to think that she does it because she enjoys the sex? It lacks credibility both that her new handler would put her in that position, and that she would go along with it. If it doesn't end in tears then it should.