Covert Affairs

Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 16, 2013 on USA

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  • Amazing return!

    This was a great start to Season 4, as Annie and Auggie pick up on where we left off.

    Colombia was absolutely beautiful - lovely backdrop for some intense scenes and a very captivating storline.

    I am excited to see what happens next - the ending scene was spectacular, and really leaves the door open moving forward! Exciting stuff!
  • Vamos

    Last year the episodes outside the US were nothing short of great, but this episode in Colombia was just disappointing. The Annie and Auggie relationship was treated like something you'd see on The CW, and the drama about Teo was just not entertaining enough. Curious to see where things go though.
  • Annie and Auggie

    I'm not sure about the opening sequence which teases big trouble for Annie 10 months in the future, but the acutal storyline that picks up the morning after the Third Season finale is pretty strong as Annie heads to Colombia to investigate the information Henry Wilcox gave her about Arthur secretly funneling money to terrorist sources through a man known as the Puma.

    I love the fact that Auggie follows her down and tries to help, but they get on the radar of the local CIA section chief and Auggie gets shot their off-book mission goes straight to hell. The episode also ends with a shocker involving Arthur resigning from the CIA and the mystery surrounding his own off-book missions seems to be only beginning.

    "Vamos" is a strong first episode with a season long arc that looks like it might hit quite close to home for both Annie and Auggie (whose knowledge of Arthur's work in Colombia might bring him down as well).

    You can find my full recap and review (with pics and video) at RazorFine
  • A Sensational Premiere!

    Wow this premiere was even better than last years!

    The 'flash-forward' at the beginning was both equally terrifying and tantalizing all at once.

    I sinerecly hope that Annie and Auggie can survive the fall out!

    After so long picturing Auggie and Annie together to actually see it was a great way to start out the hour, they are so natural and sweet as a couple!

    The 'file's' contents are in full motion and I cannot wait to see more of the instant ramifications that stem from it I still don't trust Henry Wilcox!

    Hill Harper's new character Calder Michaels seems super intriguing I loved his interactions with Annie and Auggie and I can't wait to see more of him this season!

    Auggie's confession to Arthur was uber sweet and I can't wait to see more of their relationship and what exactly Auggie's 'secret' is!

    Arthur and Joan's plot in this episode was equally good, I am starting to really love Arthur more and more!

    Teo is another new character I like a lot, knowing what his 'connection' was to Arthur was a curveball I SO didn't see coming!

    Barber's 'cameo' in this was very cute I just love him!

    Arthur's accouchement at the end of this episode was really cool 2!

    I am SUPER excited 4 next week to see more of the 'file's' contents reel their ugly heads and I also can't wait to see more of Auggie and Annie!