Covert Affairs

Season 1 Episode 2

Walter's Walk

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 20, 2010 on USA
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Episode Summary

New CIA agent Annie Walker is still being forced to work on low-key cases until she is tipped off that a IRA cell operates in America.

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  • 102

    First off, the opening video package for this show was awesome. Definitely one of the best on TV right now.

    Okay, now to the episode. This was not as exhilarating as the pilot was, but it was still a fairly strong installment for the spy series. The comedy is there, the action is there, yep, Covert Affairs will fit perfectly with the other USA Network shows.

    A lot of people were pretty down on this show after the first episode, but to me it is a breath of fresh air on television. A faster moving cop show is something TV needed and they get it here.moreless
  • Better than the Pilot :)

    This episode did surprise me in a few new facets and it involved the real life of a CIA Operative much more thoroughly. Doing things old school when phones and triangulation doesn't exist, the good old fashioned hunt. And, I'll be honest, I didn't see the dirty MI6 agent coming at all, it was a really nice touch. And the little conversation she had with him in the cop car added that much more realism to her line of work.

    It was honestly, better than the pilot in my honest opinion and the real life dilemma of having to deal with her nieces was a good bump in her real life. Whether you are spies, feds and/or cops, having that kind of vocation will always put your loved ones at risk. It was a nice dose of reality, especially, considering her circumstances and people in jobs involved with a great deal of risk, you can't make rash decisions.

    The episode overall was really entertaining, unfortunately, I wasn't able to catch the premiere, I ended up watching the 1am encore. Give it a few more episodes and once we are able to understand the characters she's involved with, I think this show has an abundant amount of potential.moreless
  • After interveiwing many nut jobs who supposedly know CIA intel Annie comes across a single mother whose genius son has hacked into some important a dangerous intel. Annie has to keep the mom and her gifted son alive.moreless

    This episode was great I love Auggie and Annie's friend ship. The action never stops for this show. Auggie Anderson so far is my favorite character his fresh sense of humor and not letting people pity him about his handicap makes me enjoy and root for his character even more. I hope Auggie stays a main character for a long time. I also enjoy seeing Annie a female character be the kick ass spy it's nice to see that not only can men be great spies but, so can women and still look good doing it. Two Thumbs up for Covert Affairs.moreless
  • Not as action-packed as the premiere, but still very amazing!

    This scintillating show continued with another amazing episode. I actually thought that this one was anot as good as the opilot, because it didn't have as many action scenes. The episode was definitely great, though!

    I loved the idea of the various 'walk-in' cases, and the psychotic people that Annie had to meet and talk to. That was hilariousw, but I also loved the idea of the kid genius encountering the information that he did.

    Overall, definitely an episode that I'd highly recommend. I'm loving this show so far, and I really can't wait until another week elapses and we can get to see another episode! Keep it up, guys, as this show has certiainly got some potential!moreless
  • Makes me wish I was/is as smart as Walter...and Covert Affairs starts to find its footing.

    Overall, I enjoyed this episode. It wasn't too hard to see that one of the walk-ins was going to be a credible case for Annie, but having it be from a young kid who was into spy novels and somehow in college, was a neat little surprise. The case gets larger and international as it involves the IRA. Annie working with an experience MI6 agent (more experienced than I originally imagined thanks to his changing storyline) was a neat way to show her how older agents handle the job.

    The part of this episode dealing with Joan and Arthur as they battled on him sneaking an agent in her department to look over Annie(and be there when he ex pops up again) was blandly interesting, but I like the attention given to their relationship. It's more complicated than I imagined.

    The subplot with Annie and her sister and kids was a nice little touch, to keep them in viewers mind's and important to some extent.

    The fight training from Auggie the awesomest blind guy alive was interesting. Strange choice for an instructor but hey, if he helps, that's great.

    (Last week I talked a bit about all the Alias similarities, but this week while watching I didn't find myself thinking about Alias at all. It's finally distinct enough in my mind that I don't see the comparisons. But they did help me want to watch this show)moreless
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