Covert Affairs

Season 1 Episode 8

What Is and What Should Never Be

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 31, 2010 on USA

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  • Good, but not great.

    This episode threw me for a loop, to be honest. I loved the mix up of events in the first scenes, and Annie running in to her favorite cop. I like the fact that he knows, but no one will confirm he knows. It makes for some great dialogue.
    He wasn't the only man to have taken a greater role in Annie's life. Although she has been flirting with Jai in previous episodes, she seems to have taken a big step (especially since she still can't throw away the bracelet from Ben) and asked him to meet her family. A bit unexpected, but I don't mind. Usually you know who the lead character will end up with or have that URST we can't seem to get around. Auggie is a good candidate, but Ben also hasn't left the picture and I find Jai's laugh absolutely adorably mischievous. So, I like the fact that it doesn't really matter if there is a will they/won't they, because there are multiple options and it doesn't take attention away from the missions that are the main objective of the show.
    So that is why Ben's return felt unnatural to me. We don't get to know what is so terribly important that he can no longer pretend to be gone from her life forever. Alright, CIA is need to know basis, but still. That Annie doesn't know, doesn't have to mean we can't know. And also - you just have to trust me? Come on! The man left her suddenly, with a note, and no contact in two years, and comes back without apologizing (even though he went rogue shortly after) and wanting her to do something for him? She summed this all up with a great strong voice, and then just seemed to turn around and said "okay". I get that she is not over him, it has been established in almost every episode so far. But this was just a bit farfetched for me.
    Anyway, I do like this episode, it just didn't feel neatly worked out at the seems, so to say. When making an episode based on emotional reactions, you need to make them deep and believable. I was very fond of Joan this episode, I love the fact that she likes Annie a lot, but still lays down the rules without any relentment. She only shows her true thoughts in conversation with her husband, and their dynamic is just wrong. I do not know how they keep that marriage alive, but I like the fact that they are still together, although she doesn't trust him and he blocks her out of every important decision. I can't wait for the next episode, but to be honest, that isn't anything new ;)
  • 108

    Eight episodes into its run and Covert Affairs is still a fun show. It might not be able to run for 7 years, but right now it is a very interesting show and for once, USA has launched something since Burn Notice that is must-see TV.

    I really do not like the scenes with Arthur and Joan though, as they get to me every week. It is understandable that this show would need to create a boss character for Annie to clash with, but these scenes with the two of them talking about their life, just cut that out. It's not necessary.

    Good episode here, but it can be better.
  • A little out of character. I didn't enjoy it as much as some others.

    This episode was a decent one, but certainly not one of the best that this show has offered us. The stoyline was good, but I can't wsay that it was captivating or spectaculoar. It had potential, but I didn't like the interrogation. I felt that it was certainly out of character.

    The case had its interesting poitns, but it was not foolproof. The case was good, but it had its bad moments, and the interrogation scenes were porly done. I didn't enjoy those.

    Overall, a decent episode. I wouldn't particularly recommend this one, but i hope this show improves by next week, and I can't wait until the season finale!
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