Covert Affairs

Season 2 Episode 10

World Leader Pretend

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 09, 2011 on USA
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While Annie runs the extraction of a Chinese scientist named Shen Yue who is willing to defect, she runs into complications and is forced to make a difficult choice.

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  • Very interesting!

    This was yet another really interesting episode of Covert Affairs that was really fun to watch. Lots of interesting elements to the case, as is the case almost every wekk, and I really enjoyed this one.

    Keep it up, Cover t Affairs!
  • I enjoyed this episode too. I just don't like that they left us off with that ending.

    I really liked this episode, and it was a good thing Annie didn't eat so much of that soup. And the secret finally got out, I've been waiting for Annie to tell her sister. But of course i knew she was going to forgive Annie. Also I bet in the third season Annie is going to end up moving in with Auggie!!
  • Stupidest name ever

    Embarassing too, since the unspoken drawback to this show already is that it feels like they're pretending. As much as I liked her in Coyote Ugly, Piper Perabo is completely unconvincing as a spy or serious person. So not only does "world leader pretend" have nothing to do withthe episode, but it only points out the obvious. Everyone else in the cast seems convincing except the one pretending to be a spy.

  • A finale that didn't try too hard yet fell right into place with action and emotion, if not finesse of plot. (spoilers, naturally)

    First I'd like to say I'm an optimistic rater. But this episode was far better than many have been this season. To be honest, I've struggled to keep watching it. But this paid off. Maybe, like White Collar, the third season will really develop the characters and try new things.

    Things I'm disappointed in: Jai's brooding role. He seems too mature to be sulking and not take things in his own hands. I hope they don't make him into some sort of bad guy, and not just because I love Sendhil Ramamurthy to death. To be honest, it was better when he was trying to get close to Annie. His one action episode this season was in a lackluster episode where he mostly talked on a phone... Sigh.

    Also not thrilled about the plot. The theme of betrayal was pretty simplistic, and from the get go Xe Ping (I think that's his name) was suspicious, his greeting being anomalous in the tense start (which I did like). And I'm no Sherlock or Shawn.

    Finally, her breakup with the doctor was too anticlimactic, and while it was not supposed to be a climax (they tried too hard with the whole "are you and Annie gonna marry??" bit a while back), she should have had a moment of realization or reluctance or something. Maybe if he said he hated to see her get hurt, or was happy she was in a danger-free, safe, boring job, anything like that. Oh well. CA's Captain Awesome has been successfully passed over, not that anyone's surprised...

    And leaves room for Auggie! I was very happy at their multitude of scenes together. Great intro scene, we all know Annie could work on hand-to-hand, and does quite often with her buddy-buddy. It was so sweet when he waited for her in the hospital, and her apology, and the last scene was great. I still have hope that I see some of that serious Auggie creep out more naturally, not just in themed episodes, next season.

    Another good point = the Joan and Arthur moments, especially the way Arthur just took down that long-haired douche from State! He looked so smug, straightening his tie. But is he allowed to say the s-word there? I was surprised.

    Finally, I loved the asset in this one. He was believable and loyal and I really did like him, except for that he lied about telling anyone his plans. That seemed honestly more like a plot hole, because the hole setup was simple that his character being dependably honest would have unraveled the affair too quickly.

    It has to be mentioned, the "reading in" thing. First of all, they said that so many times it was like bragging they know the codeword. Second, I like the sister's decision, although not her initial reaction. To be honest I almost forgot this part of the whole episode, though it was a big segment. Silly me. The highlight would be Annie not delaying more than once telling her (unless you count the previous 2 years), just sticking true to her convictions.

    So overall, bad plot with good moments, the Angie seeds being carefully nourished (anyone else feeling this is a Shules-slow love interest?), and a good note to leave on.moreless
  • 210

    The season finale of Covert Affairs delivers all of the drama and asskicking we have come to expect from this show throughout its two seasons. USA shows always don't have special episodes for the season finales unlike broadcast programs, but this one definitely did.

    We had the emotional moment as Annie finally told her sister what she does for a living. Not a lot of yelling, but a plausible reaction to the revelation. Hopefully for Annie she moves back in at some point though. Still, big deal here and a lesson to all other shows out there that slow builds do payoff in the end.

    And then there was all of the chases, the hilarious moments with Annie accidentally hitting things and saying, "Ow!" while continuing the chase, and even Peter Gallagher bashing some heads in.

    Great way to close the year. Pumped for Summer of 2012 now.moreless
Benedict Wong

Benedict Wong

Shen Yue

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Ben Lawson

Ben Lawson

Dr. Scott Weiss

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Nelson Lee

Nelson Lee

Xi Peng

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Adelaide Humphreys

Adelaide Humphreys

Katia Brooks

Recurring Role

Avigail Humphreys

Avigail Humphreys

Chloe Brooks

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