Covington Cross

ABC (ended 1992)


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  • I have been searching for this show. I saw it a few times as a child but could not remember the name.

    I was eleven when this show was on the air and I was something of a tomboy. What I remember most about this show was the daughter. I identified with the female character who was encouraged to do more feminine things rather than what she enjoyed, shooting the crossbow and horse riding. I liked that her character was strong and independent. I have been somewhat obsessed with the crossbow since watching this show. I enjoyed watching the family face modern issues within mid evil times. My eleven year old self found this show very funny. I hope to watch these episodes again.
  • Fun show to watch while it lasted.

    Covington Cross was a fun TV show that followed the lives of the Grey Family living at their castle Convington Cross in medieval times. The family consisted of Sir Thomas Grey, a widower (portrayed by Nigel Terry), his three sons Armus (Tim Killick), Richard (Jonathan Firth) and Cedric (the deceased Glenn Quinn from Angel), his daughter Elanore (Ione Skye) and his love interest Lady Elizabeth (Cherie Lunghi). In every episode of the series the family, or specific members of the family would face a new problem, which usually involved the arch villain neighbor Baron Mullens (Kames Faulkner), that needed to be resolved. Unfortunately, the series did not even survive a complete full season before the plug was pulled.
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