Covington Cross

Season 1 Episode 7

The Persecution

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 1992 on ABC

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  • A good reason this series should have continued in some form.

    After the pilot, this is perhaps my favourite episode of 'Covington Cross.' Romances that are truly romantic are hard to come by on television, and many of the best unfold over a series of episodes. However, in just one installment, the centerpiece of this offering manages to do what any good romance should: it moves, it thrills, and it leaves enough to the imagination to get one truly interested in the hearts and minds of its characters. If ever there was a mistake made by this exceptional show -- in the overall scheme of things -- then it would have to be the fact that more time wasn't devoted to this couple throughout the series.

    In theory, "The Persecution" has the makings of a grand and epic love story -- isolated young woman finds a new, true friend in a gallant and steadfast young man -- and more than delivers in the area of execution. Scene after scene, I found myself increasingly fascinated as our hero and heroine grew closer, and greatly touched as they consummated their feelings. This is, at heart, a story about devotion, with a few nice moments of moral judgment and loyalty thrown in towards the end.

    The conclusion is a mixed bag. It comes up a bit lacking in terms of reason in one respect, but remains pleasing enough in another. Overall, however, this episode is a series highlight, as it presents what is definitely the most touching romance of a flawed but mostly enjoyable show. 'Covington Cross' rocked, and so did Richard and Rachel.
  • This episode has all the elements that made this series great - drama, comedy, great language, great characters.

    This is probably the best written of the episodes. The main plot about Richard and Rachel moved well and intermixed with the subplot about the friar well. The language in this episode was awesome - heroic and inspiring. How Mullens was involved in persecuting Rachel wasn't well developed and the cook's death was a bit contrived but it showcased the relationship between Richard and Armus and Richard and his father very well.