Cow and Chicken

Cartoon Network (ended 1999)


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Meet Cow and Chicken, who live under a suburban roof with human parents, human friends and inhuman adventures. Fortunately for Chicken, who ruffles the feathers of many a human counterpart, Cow has an alter ego known as Supercow who wields her beefy frame whenever a situation calls for a bovine intervention. Created by David Feiss, Cow and Chicken received a 1998 Prime-Time Emmy nomination. (The above is Cartoon Network's official summary) Cow and Chicken is Cartoon Network's third original series, containing a third segment in each episode, another original series: I Am Weasel. It ran for three seasons before it underwent cancellation. Due to a new show that Cartoon Network has begun airing that combines various episodes of their original series, we may be seeing Cow and Chicken in the future... This is, however, uncertain.

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Animation, Comedy


supernatural forces, Teen, talking animals, sight gags galore, trippy