Cow and Chicken

Season 4 Episode 1

Chachi, the Chewing Gum Seal / Black Sheep of the Family / I.M. Weasel: Enemy Camp

Aired Unknown Apr 26, 1999 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Chachi, the Chewing Gum Seal: The episode begins with cow and chicken in their bedroom. Cow is having a tea party with Piles the beaver, and chicken is painting pictures of himself. After chicken shows his picture to cow, she too also claims to be good at art. She puts a stick of gum in her mouth and chews it, she then fills her whole mouth with bubblegum and chews all of that as well. She then spits out the giant wad of gum onto the table and crafts it into the shape of a seal. However chicken dismisses this and tells her that she is freaking him out. She then goes to her bedroom window and makes a wish to a passing star for her chewing gum seal to come to life. At this moment the star flies through the window and hits the seal bringing it to life. Cow excitedly plays with her new friend, he however seems to be very depressed to be alive. They go downstairs and watch TV but chicken begins chewing on Chachi and popping him. Cow rescues him and tells him that he needs to stick up for himself. Chachi then tells her that his life is miserable and that everybody hates him nevertheless cow assures him that she loves him. She encourages Chachi to stand up for himself and it seems to work and they go back to watch TV. Chicken once again begins chewing on Chachi but this time only on his arm, Cow asks him to stop but Chachi intervenes. Chachi is now much more aggressive and begins shouting at chicken and bites him back, Chachi then chases him through the house and beats him severely with Cow cheering him on. However when cow goes to congratulate him he shouts at her as well and she runs away crying. After realising what he has done Chaichi is filled with regret however he cannot go to apologise as cow has stuck him to the bottom of the table. One month later cow and chicken are having breakfast discussing what may have happened to him when at the end of the episode we see that he is still stuck to the bottom of the table and is now dried up and even more depressed.

Black Sheep of the Family: This episode begins in an unusual way with the Red Guy introducing the family and implies that there is one member who brings shame and dishonour to the household. At that moment the doorbell rings and a sheep is at the door who introduces himself as their cousin black sheep. He has come to stay with them as his parents have gone away on their second honeymoon. Mom and Dad are cautious however and warn cow and chicken that he is a troublemaker. Mom and Dad then dive out of the window to go on their second honeymoon. Cow and chicken go out and introduce Flem and Earl to their cousin. Cousin black sheep makes a comment on how Flem's glasses compliment Earl's braces. Unfortunately Flem and Earl misunderstand and take this to be an insult, Chicken then steps in to defend his crying friends and they leave angrily. He tries to apologise but they take this wrongly as another insult. Cow appalled convince him to go out into the world and do good things. He then tries to stop two young boys from drawing graffiti on a wall. They apologise and run away leaving black sheep next to the wall with the spray paint. Cow returns and asks what the spray paint is for. He tries to explain but ends up reading out what it says "Officer O'fannyhee has a big butt". This catches the attention of the officer who wrongly assumes that the black sheep is responsible for the graffiti. They run away and hide from the police and cow questions why black sheep misbehaves so much he answers in a complex fashion and cow fails to understand. Next we see a nearby TV store where Flem and Earl are on TV discussing their encounter with black sheep who is being treated as a dangerous criminal. A woman watching then notices black sheep and faints. Black sheep revives her and people assume he is attacking her, but fortunately the woman wakes up and tells them that the sheep saved her life. Everyone now treats him as a hero but at that moment Officer O'fannyhee arrives and sentences him to 20 years. Mom, Dad and Chicken then arrive to defend black sheep as does the rest of the crowd. The officer however threatens to arrest them all angering the crowd and super cow then begins beating him up. However black sheep stops her and tells them that Officer O'fannyhee is just grumpy because he is cold. Black sheep then knits him a pair of woolly pants using his own wool and Flem's shearers. Officer O'fannyhee loves them and runs off happily. The episode ends with black sheep, cow and chicken walking down the street revealing Black sheep's exposed rear after he had shaved it.

I am Weasel: "Enemy Camp"