Cow and Chicken

Season 4 Episode 3

Cow's Toys / I Scream Man / I.M. Weasel: I Are Gladiator

Aired Unknown Apr 28, 1999 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Cow's Toys: The episode begins with cow having a tea party with her toys. She treats them roughly for example squirting Manure the bear with milk. At that moment chicken calls cow down for dinner and as soon as she leaves they come to life and discuss her ill treatment of them. Spotting a label on the back of Manure, Crabs the warthog tries to read it but because he cannot read asks piles to do it. Piles simply says "I'm piles the beaver I chew wood ... hey". After punching piles Manure reads the label himself and reveals it says "Made in Hong Kong". The toys mistake this for meaning a Maiden named Hong Kong who they now believe to be their original owner, so they set off to find her. They sneak downstairs past cow in the kitchen and escape to the outside. After realising they don't know where they're going they try to hitchhike however this is unsuccessful and they end up getting on a bus. After Manure insults a little girl who wants to play with him on the bus they are thrown off and fall down into the subway and onto a train. While on the train they meet the Red guy who pretends to be the maiden, confused they get off the train and rejoice declaring that they have made it. Manure bursts the bubble however revealing that they're back at cow's house. Seeing a mail box with the writing "Made in Hong Kong" next door they believe they have found the maiden. However after looking through the window they see a fat ugly woman who lives in a dirty house with many crying babies. Realising they're better off with cow they head back to the house but after piles gets on Manure's nerves for the last time he decides to leave piles outside next doors house and ring the doorbell before running away. The episode then ends with piles being taken in to next doors filthy house.

I Scream Man: With Arbour day approaching Mom and Dad are feeding a pig pennies intending to crack it open on Arbour day. We then move to the outside where cow is throwing chicken in an attempt to make him fly. Tired from trying to make him fly both cow and chicken reveal they need something to quench their thirst. At that moment the ice cream man approaches but without any money cow and chicken panic. They attempt to crack open the Arbour day pig for Money but it runs away and they are stopped by Mom and Dad. Mom however allows them to beat open their college education piñata. Cow breaks the piñata open using chicken as a bat and they now have enough money. Riding the Arbour day piggy cow and chicken catch up to the ice cream man but he flees and a chase begins. Panicking he hurls ice cream at them but they continue to pursue him relentlessly. A nearby police officer stops the ice cream man and cow and chicken ask for their ice creams but he only gives them some cones. Revealing he doesn't really have any ice cream because he isn't an ice cream man. Actually his van says "I scream" and he reveals screaming is his hobby. After screaming loudly the police officer takes him away to a mental institution. Back at home Mom offers cow and chicken some frozen Arbour day piggy pops which causes the Pig to finally go crazy and brand the family cannibals before he frantically runs away. The family laughs hysterically and the final scene shows the Red Guy and the Arbour day Piggy in the mental institute. Red Guy then asks "So what are you in for .. did you squeal" he then laughs hysterically and tells the audience no Arbour day pigs were hurt in the making of the episode before shouting "END".

I am Weasel: "I Are Gladiator"