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  • Season 4
    • Professor Longhorn Steer/A Couple of Skating Fools/He Said, He Said
      Professor Longhorn: Cow and Chicken are put under the tutelage of their uncle, Professor Longhorn. He teaches them a number of bad habits until it's revealed that he's not even a professor. He's a steer. He can't do anything right except stampede. Taking pity on their uncle, they introduce him to a cowboy whose cattle won't stampede. A Couple of Skating Fools: Chicken and Earl become figure skaters. Of course, Red and Flem are the competition, and Red plays dirty. He whacks Earl in the leg so that he can't skate. Chicken's dreams seem sure to be dashed until Cow bursts through the door wearing her skating tutu, saving the day. He Said, He Said: (Weasel) Unbeknownst to each other, roommates Weasel and Baboon are both seeing the same psychiatrist, Red. They both tell Red about the trials and tribulations of living in the same apartment - culminating in a fight over a blind date. It turns out that Red is running an elaborate scam, setting up his secretary with roommates and then treating them as patientmoreless
    • The Big Move/Cow's Magic Blanket/I.Are Ghost
      The Big Move: Mom and Dad tell Cow and Chicken that they're all moving to a new house. Cow's Magic Blanket: Cow throws her childhood blanket away. I. R. Ghost: As ghosts, Weasel and Baboon are assigned to haunt the mansion of Touloula Bottoms.
    • Duck, Duck, Chicken/Great Pantzini, The/Who Rubbed Out
      Duck, Duck, Chicken: Through the miracles of surgery, Red turns Chicken into a duck. Mom and Dad take Red to court, but their case is over-ruled because if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it must be a duck. Defeated, Mom and Dad take their new duck home. Meanwhile, Red has put up a duck blind in the front's duck season. The Great Pantzini: Mom and Dad force Cow and Chicken to run off and join the circus. Of course, it's a two-bit circus run by Red, the Great Pantzini. Through various idiotic attempts, Red trains them to be part of his circus. However, on opening night, it comes out that Red's a fraud. He's not a circus performer, he's actually a brain surgeon. Who Rubbed Out Cow and Chicken?: Private Detectives Weasel and Baboon investigate the mysterious disappearance of Cow and Chicken as well as their family. Teacher is only half there, and Flem and Earl are only outlines of themselves. It turns out that Red is erasing the competition (literally). He wants a show of his verymoreless
    • The Full Mounty/Mall Cop/I Am Cliched
      The Full Mounty: Dad takes Cow and Chicken to work with him. Red, the office Mounty, is soon following them. He rides his horse through the office building - tracking down Cow and Chicken as if it were the wilds of the Yukon. In the end, we learn Red has always wanted to be a Canadian Mounty, but he's only an Uruguayan meter maid. Mall Cop: Accused of shoplifting, Cow and Chicken are chased all over the mall by Red, the mall cop. He drives his golf cart after them everywhere they go. Of course, in the end, Red is proved to be a fraud; Cow and Chicken are exonerated. I Am Cliched: (Weasel) Red, the director, gives weasel and Baboon. Of course, the scripts contain only the most hackneyed and over-used cliches in the history of cartoons. Weasel is irate. Both he and Baboon threaten to quit. But, Red writes a stunning drama for them all to appear in. Trust me. The cliches were better.moreless
    • Major Wedgie/The Loneliest Cow/Dream Weasel
      Major Wedgy: Dad tells he met Mom. The Loneliest Cow: Cow befriends an orange tree in the backyard. Dream Weasel: Weasel, with his assistant, Baboon, invents a dream machine.
    • The Cow and Chicken Blues/Ballad of Cow and Chicken/I.R. Good Salesman
      Cow and Chicken Blues: Cow and Chicken are blue. Dad sends them next door to a neighbor's place (a backwoods, river delta cabin) where they meet a famous blues singer. He sings them a tale of a heroic Red guy, who lost his pants to a ferocious alligator. Cow and Chicken unmask the blues singer only to find Red in disguise. He had tied up the old blues singer in the back room. Set free, the true blues singer seeks his revenge. The Ballad of Cow and Chicken: Teacher, backed by Flem and Earl, sings a ballad of how Cow and Chicken were chased across the land by the government agent man, Red. Finally, Cow and Chicken ask Red why he's chasing them. It seems Cow dropped Crabs the Warthog back at their house. I.R. Good Salesman: (Weasel) Baboon sells fire door to door. Red follows him selling fire extinguishers. It's all part of an elaborate scam. Weasel follows them both and rebuilds the houses of the victims better than they were before. But, Weasel cannot allow this to continue.moreless
    • Cow and Chicken Blues / The Ballad of Cow and Chicken / I.M. Weasel: I.R. Good Salesman
      Cow and Chicken Blues When Cow and Chicken are feeling down, their parents send them next door, to the house of a famous blue singer, who tells them a wild and outlandish tale. The Ballad of Cow and Chicken Teacher, Flem, and Earl, sing a ballad about how an agent man from the government (Red Guy) chases them across the land. This episode's segment of I Am Weasel is I.R. Good Salesman.moreless
    • Red Butler / Duck, Duck, Chicken / The Great Pantzini
      Red Butler: Red Guys shows up at Cow and Chicken's house, posing as Hives the Butler. For the rest of the day, he tries to make Cow and Chicken's life easier, by answers questions for them, peeing for them, feeding them, blinking for them, and giving them story time. When Red Guy discovers that their not wealthy, he decides to take his scam to Flem and Earl. Duck, Duck, Chicken: Now Red Guy's Dr. Hiney, and says that Chicken is a deformed duck. With that, he takes Chicken to the hospital for a wattle-ex-tamy. After hours pass, Red Guy's surgery literally turns Chicken into a duck. Mom and Dad sue Red Guy, and lose. Now the Cow and Chicken show may be renamed "Cow and Duck". The Great Pantzini: Mom and Dad force Cow and Chicken to join Red Guy's circus. Red Guy tries everything to make Cow and Chicken to fit into the circus. First he tries them out as Cow being a trapeze artist, and Chicken as a fire eater. But when his clowns quit, he makes Cow and Chicken his new clowns. Red Guy is arrested for being a fraud, and is forced to give everyone back their laughter, one at a time.moreless
    • Cow's Horse / Cow's a Beauty / Piano Lessons
      Cow's Horse: Cow loves horses. While reading a book about a famous horse, Blackie, she discovers the famous horse in her front yard. Cow and Chicken then take the horse as their new friend. Cow and Chicken make sure that Blackie gets his way. Soon Mom and Dad tire living like animals and wearing horse shoes, and tell Cow and Chicken that Blackie has to go. Cow's A Beauty: Red Guy shows up at Cow and Chicken's house, claiming to be a beauty pagent scout. He then dolls up Cow, and enters her into the next beauty pagent. While Cow literally makes a mochrie up on stage, she wins anyway with her inner beauty. Cow then discovers that it was all a scam so Red Guy could wear the tiarara, and hold the roses, at least just once. Piano Lessons: Red Guy shows up at Cow and Chicken's house again, this time claiming to be a piano teacher. So now Cow and Chicken are his students, and tries to make them child-prodigy piano players, so he can be rich. Cow and Chicken's concert fail, and he starts banging his head on the piano, which amazingly, amazes the audience, and Red Guy is named a great piano player.moreless
    • Chachi the Chewing Gum Seal/Black Sheep of the Family/Enemy Camp
      Chachi, The Chewing Gum Seal: Cow creates a seal out of chewing gum and wishes upon a star for it to come to life. It does. Chicken picks on the seal, and Cow realizes that Chachi has a self-esteem problem. She raises his self-esteem, but Chachi becomes a real jerk. So Cow sticks him under the kitchen table where he dries out. Black Sheep of the Family: Cousin Black Sheep comes to stay with Cow and Chicken. He's completely misunderstood. He's highly intelligent and has a lot to offer the world, but Red is persecuting him. When Cousin Black Sheep knits Red a pair of woolen pants, however, Red becomes quite friendly...he was only mean because he was so cold. Still, Cousin Black Sheep is hauled off to jail for indecent exposure. Enemy Camp: (Weasel) The best of friends, Weasel and Baboon go to Enemy Camp together. Camp Counselor Red tries desperately to turn the two into enemies but to no avail. Finally, because Weasel is so perfect, he's awarded the best enemy (because Red hates him). Baboon covetsmoreless
    • Chicken's Fairy Tail / Magic Chicken / I.M. Weasel: I Am Whale Captain
      Chicken's Fairy Tail: Chicken trades Cow to a farmer for five Canadian jumping beans. Mom grounds Chicken, and has him throw the beans out. As you guessed, a beanstalk grew, Chicken, Frem, and Earl climbed it, and was captured by Red Guy who is the giant. Super Cow senses this, and flies to the rescue. Flem in the end, ends up laying a golden egg (no, seriously, he LAYS a golden egg). Magic Chicken: Chicken hosts his own magic show, and his assitant is Cow. He amazes Flem and Earl, by makings a porkbutt float, Flem's under appear outside his pants, switching Earl's braces to Flem, bird fly from under Earl's hat, and Cow's udder dsiappear. But when he is unable to make her udder reappear, he has no choice but to place reward posters. Meanwhile, Red Guy is enjoying his newfound milk producing body part. I am Weasel: "I Am Whale Captain"moreless
    • Invisible Cow / Monster in the Closet / I.M. Weasel: I Am Hairstylist
      Invisible Cow When Red sells Cow a magical potion, Cow doesn't drink it, but still believes she is invisible, performing tricky and daring feats that she surprisingly gets away with. Monster in the Closet Cow discovers a monster in her closet. However, what's weird is that Cow and the monster soon become the best of friends. I Am Weasel: "I Am Hairstylist"moreless
    • Snail Boy / Penalty Wheel / I.M. Weasel: The Magnificent Motorbikini
      Snail Boy: Cow and Chicken visit their cousin, Snail Boy for Sunday Dinner. Later that night, Mom's Sis announces that Snail Boy has been transformed to Cow and Chicken's school. During his first day of school, Chicken becomes the laughing-stock when every finds out that Chicken is the cousin of a snail. Snail Boy then becomes the target of the eyes of the bullying track team. Penalty Wheel: Cow, Chicken, Flem, and Earl are contestants on the gameshow "You've Been Panced?". Where the contestants have three seconds to perform three complicated tasks, or they have to spin the penalty. Chicken, Flem, and Earl all fail, but thanks to Super Cow, they win the grand prize: Red Guy's life savings. They discovered that they've been swindled, and Super Cow takes out Red Guy. I am Weasel: "The Magnificent Motorbikini"moreless
    • Professor Longhorn Steer; A Couple of Skating Fools
      "Professor Longhorn: Cow and Chicken are put under the tutelage of their uncle, Professor Longhorn. He teaches them a number of bad habits until it\'s revealed that he\'s not even a professor. He\'s a steer. He can\'t do anything right except stampede.
    • The Big Move / Cow's Magic Blanket / I.M. Weasel: I.R. Ghost
      The Big Move: Cow and Chicken are devastated when Mom and Dad suddenly announce that their moving. Cow and Chicken start reminising about their favorite memories from the only home they ever lived in, from their first puppy, to their first Christmas. The Red Guy, Flem and Earl are also devastated when Cow and Chicken are moving. Once the truck is loaded, Cow and Chicken discover that they are only moving to an identical house next door. When asked why, Dad replies "our old house was infested with ants." Cow's Magic Blanket: Everyone makes fun of Cow because she still has her old security blanket. She then tosses it out the school bus window, but is depressed for the rest of the day. Chicken tries the cheer her up by playing the bad guy in a game of Super Cow. Cow confesses that her blanket was also Super Cow's magic cape, and that Super Cow was never coming back. Red Guy then sees the perfect opportunity to torture Flem and Earl. Chicken decides it's "Wonder Wattle" to the rescue. I am Weasel: "I.R. Ghost"moreless
    • Cloud Nine / Send in the Clowns / I.M. Weasel: Revolutionary Weasel
      Cloud Nine: Cow and Chicken wait outside the hardware store while Dad shops. Chicken is dying to ride the fighter jet plane ride. When Cow finally lends Chicken a quarter, The Red Guy takes the ride away. Chicken then stows-away on his truck, to ride the plane, but has to plug it up. Once at the gas station, he buys 20 extension cords, but the owner unplugs them. In the end, Chicken discovers that Dad actually collects those kind of rides. Send in the Clowns: Dad isn't friendly terms with the new neighbors, who happen to be clowns. Cow falls in love with the clown son, who in return falls in love with Cow. They play hooky to spend the day together. Dad finds out, and Cow in grounded, while he kicks the clown son out, and chews clown dad out. I am Weasel: "Revolutionary Weasel"moreless
    • Cow's Toys / I Scream Man / I.M. Weasel: I Are Gladiator
      Cow's Toys: Sick of their everyday life of being squirted with milk, Cow's favorite toys: Crabs the Warthog Doll, Piles the Beaver Doll, and Manure the Bear decide to run away to find their original owner. After reading Manure's tag that says "Made In Hong Kong", they assume their original owner is a maiden named Hong Kong, and set out on a quest to find her.

      I Scream Man: It's almost arbor day, and Mom and Dad are feeding their pet piggy pennies so they can crack him open on arbor day. Meanwhile, Cow and Chicken are craving ice cream, and try to chase down the ice cream man (Red Guy).

      I am Weasel: "I Are Gladiator"moreless
    • Chachi, the Chewing Gum Seal / Black Sheep of the Family / I.M. Weasel: Enemy Camp
      Chachi, the Chewing Gum Seal: Chicken tells Cow that she's not artistic, so she in return, sculpts a seal out of a stick of chewing gum, and an entire machine full of bubblegum balls. Cow wishes that her chewing gum seal, whom she names Chachi, was real. Suddenly, a wishing star grants her wish, and Chachi is a real, miserable, ho-hum seal.

      Black Sheep of the Family: Cow and Chicken get a visit from their cousin, Black Sheep (who really is in both terms). While Mom and Dad run away, Cow and Chicken try to make Black Sheep feel at home, but when he compliments Flem and Earl in scientific terms, they assume that Black Sheep is a dangerous criminal. Cow tries to help Black Sheep, who everyone changes their minds about, after he saves a woman's life from a heart attack.

      I am Weasel: "Enemy Camp"moreless
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