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Notes from Editor and Submission Guidelines

Are this guidelines fair?

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    The guide is messed up and I'm currently doing cleanup, so don't be surprised if you see things changing fast. In a very bad situation, I may fix something before you when you submitted, though I always try to mod my queue BEFORE doing clean up to prevent the contributors from wasting their time. Any help is appreciated Also, if you find something wrong in the episodes, don't be scared to submit.

    EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTE: when you make your first contribution(s) to the guide, PLEASE notice me via PM. The previous editor was banned and sometimes happens to some of his old guides that subs may get lost in the system, so I CAN'T moderate them. This may happen here too. You should try making a test sub and sending me a PM before contributing.

    Though I know that this guide gets really few subs, if you come across it and want to submit this may be useful. I'm very picky as an editor and I won't accept submissions that don't meet standards, mainly because people don't read the approval PMs, with the exception of minimal errors that don't deserve a rejection.


    Basically, everything that meets the standards is good. However, don't forget:


    Use proper grammar/spelling. Don't use "instant messaging language"; write like if this was a report for your job or school. Take it seriously: submissions are not forum posts. Don't submit personal opinions.

    Quotes have to be interesting and short. Let's say, "Short and Sweet". Being this show a comedy, please try to submit the funnier or more relevant quotes. A terrible quote would be something like "Hi, how are you?" / "Fine". Also, don't forget the format of the quotes:

    Speaker: (action/indication) text


    * Please don't forget that the colon isn't in bolds.
    * Please note that the actions/indications don't have capital letters (this sounds a bit trivial and, in fact, it is. I won't reject quotes that fail to meet this requirement, but please avoid it)

    Trivia is the same as goofs, though there are other things that should be added here. This are ON-camera tidbits. As part of the process of cleaning up, I'll be moving some wrongly added NOTES to TRIVIA. To make it simpler: Trivia=goofs and on-camera tidbits, notes=off-camera tidbits. An example of non-goof trivia would be a "look hard" thing.

    Allusions are REFERENCES to other media, including but not limited to songs, movies, books and other TV series. This is NOT a place to point references to OTHER EPISODES. When submitting an allusion, try to provide a quote and/or a descriptive header, otherwise it may even be rejected. If the allusion is visual, use: Visual: blahblahblah...

    "Borrowed" plots are not allusions. If someone did it before "Cow and Chicken", it doesn't mean that the show is making a reference to the other one!

    Please don't forget:
    * Notes are off camera tidbits. Any on-camera thing goes on TRIVIA
    * Neither notes nor trivia say the main and obvious plot of the episode. Notes give information about the PRODUCTION OF THE EPISODE and/or CAST/CREW CHANGES, between a few other off-camera tidbits.

    Only submit a new one if you feel that you can do a CONSIDERABLY BETTER job. You can also edit the summaries if you are fixing spelling/grammar mistakes, but I won't allow trivial contributions such as changing a period for a comma or just capitalizing some names that don't need it. Don't forget to check grammar. Also, summaries shouldn't give away the ending of the episode.

    I'm not a good recap writer, so I won't submit a lot of them. It takes me about 1 hour minutes to write a good recap. However, if you can submit GOOD recaps, I'll accept them. Don't forget:

    * Recaps should be very detailed, explaining everything that happened in the episode.
    * People tend to make grammar/spelling mistakes in recaps since they are long (it's my case too). Please avoid them or simply don't submit a recap if you make too many mistakes.

    If you want examples of what is acceptable or not acceptable please send me a PM and I'll be glad to answer your questions. Don't be afraid, I encourage you to do it.

    If you've found any mistake or have any complain or question about this guidelines post it here. Also, please use the poll seriously.
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    Yeh i think tehre fair i agree with them!
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