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  • Classic show

    It was a very good show not the best of the cartoon cartoons some may argue but it was very good show some of the epsoides were just weird those but he good ones were classics anyway I think it should stay on Cartoon Network I think all catoon cartoons should stay on cartoon network I heard that they are coming back in november for a month or so my birthdays in november so that would be the best birthday present EVER I could see the schulde now I hope it happens and you should to come to the crtoon cartons side!
  • Another great review brought to you by "The Painful Review Team!" Childhood favorite... not so good now.

    Don't get me wrong I loved this show when I was a child. With it's cute little stupid characters, annoying themes, and random sayings. But seriously does this thing make any sense to you? Momma had a cow? Dad had a chicken? Isn't it illegal to do that with animals? This is giving out the wrong message to young children that watched it. Plus it has that red guy that walked around with no pants. I mean honestly no one wants to see that. Just draw the guy some pants! It's not that hard people. Plus the spin-off show I am Weasel was much better. If you're looking for a funny show that is like Cow and Chicken than go watch Ren and Stimpy. That is really funny. The only reason why this is getting a 6 is because when I was a kid I used to love it, and I can't betray on it that much nowadays.

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  • This show is so funny!

    This show is truely hilarious! Unlike "Gym Partner," the jokes in this show are funny. Watching this show makes me laugh so hard I end up with tears streaming down my cheeks from so much laughter. Every episode in this series has made me laugh. Sadly this series has been taken off with all the other Cartoon Cartoons that should still be airing on Cartoon Network. I don't understand how CN could cancel such a classic show like this. In my opinion, CN should show less of "Gym Partner" and "Squirrel Boy" and put on truely funny shows like this one. I'm surprised this show only rates a 7.9 right now. A show like this deserves a much higher rating.
  • Two years? Wow cartoon network wow!

    This is antother one of those good classics Such as Jonnny Bravo. Why can't cartoon network relize that they're nothing but a piece of trash lying out of the city without shows like this. They're funny, original, and didn't go downhill. I mean there are shows on CN yeah thye're preety god. But its gets worse and ends up being cancled then they replace it with another terrible show. This is one of the best claasics ever lived on cartoon network. If you have never seen this show before, you have had no idea what you've been missing. Ah the good ol days.
  • Hmm,strange show,a bit like Gym Partner,but I like it.

    Geez,this is one of the few shows where the butt jokes are actually funny!It's Gym Partner,but better!Oh how I wish they showed re runs of this and other classic Cartoon Network shows.I mean,it's laugh out loud funny when Cow asks Chicken for a piggyback ride and then crushes him!You gotta love it!They should at least bring it back.Is that so much to ask?Then agian,Cartoon Network only cares about flashy new crap.Kinda like a newly remastered version of Ren and Stimpy,but I like it.I don't really care for Ren and Stimpy.Now this is hilarious.It needs to be brought back to Cartoon Network as soon as possible!
  • WOW....

    This show is stupid, crazy, and messed up! However I find it somewhat addicting when I'm channel surfing. I think it's a complete waste of time but I still watch it. I don't like the way they draw the characters or how they sound. They show the devil's butt and the parents as just a pair of legs What's up with that? I wish this show would get cancelled already! It is a complete waste of time and has no plot or edge to the series. I find what make a good show is that they have a main center idea.
  • I love it!!!

    This show was very cool!!! This show was my favorite when I was little but I kind of like Ed,edd n eddy better. All the charaters are funny and the episodes too. Mostly Cow and Chicken`s parents for funny. The parents are hillarious and I just cant get enough it them. I dont know why it only lasted for 2 years. I always wonder where will they show that show it boomerang but this show only came in 1997 so its not so old. I love this show as much as Spongebob and all good shows out there. This show is great and it should last longer.
  • Momma had a chicken, Momma had a Cow, Dad was proud, he didn't care how! Cow, Chicken, COW AND CHICKEN!!!!

    Cow and Chicken was an amazing show! It was so hilarious, starting off with the main characters being a 500pound cow and a chicken, and that's not all! They're brother and sister and their parents only have legs! Plus, a weird red guy who happens to have every job follows them around!
    This show was ahead of it's time and it' really sad that it got canned, after only 4 seasons.
    The episodes were funny, great characters and the animation was really good.
  • This show was great and it should be brought back to TV.

    This show was one of the best shows on Cartoon Network in the past. I used to like it alot and deserves it's respect as a cartoon it truly was and we really need more shows like this because now Cartoon Network has lower rating shows than in the time this show aired in TV. I also used to like it because it was about animals doing many things like going to school and making wacky things in the characters time and also there were human characters that used to hang out their time with Cow and Chicken. I really used to enjoy this show for being one of the best during that time. I'm going to give it a 8.8 great rating for my review.
  • An ok show but not all that great

    Cow and Chicken are about well an cow and chicken.Who are brothers and sister.Well,I don't remembered the whole plot of this series.However at first I liked this show when it was on.But at the end,I didn't liked this show.I mean it sadden me the artwork.I mean the characters and stuff liked "Boneless Chicken" having no bones always laying around.Their parents are liked half shown body! That doesn't make sense.This show needs some fine tuning.Even though it no longer airs on tv.
  • This show needs to be brought back...quickly.

    I can't believe that Cartoon Network cancelled this show. It was one of my favorite shows. Why is it always the good ones that have to die? If they want to cancel something, let them cancel 'Robotboy'. They need to bring back the good shows like this show, 'Courage', 'Evil Con Carne', & 'Dexter's Laboratory'. Just now, I watched an episode of this show and it was great. Just having it on the Cartoon Cartoon Show and the Cartoon Cartoon Top 5 is not enough. This show must be brought back.
  • Why did I ever watch this garbage?

    Garbage? Actually, no word alone can begin to describe how awful this waste of drawings David Feiss calls a show really is. What exactly is Cow And Chicken good for? Why, none other than promoting the following "values":


    No offense to people like that. I could probably go on, but I won't. The characters are just too...sickening. And don't get me started on the lame drawings, lame voice acting, and awful plots. Many characters, especially the parents, make me wanna tear their throats out (if the parents had any). And what's with all these dumb butt shots, the "devil" doing...stuff, and everybody always picking on Chicken? To make a long story short, I think David Feiss must've been doped when he drew this, I.M. Weasel, and otherwise. Take my advice: DON'T watch this crud.
  • A Series about a young Chicken Who has a Sister and She is a Cow. They Go to school with there friends Flem and earl, and there is this weired Red Guy who is Called Red Guy and he looks like the Devil

    Chicken was the best he was one of my Favorite Characters and I had Loads of laughs with this Show, and they was a couple of weired things. It had 4 Seasons and 52 Episodes in Total With Some Good Characters in the Series. It was shared with another show Called I Am Weasel Which it was Quite Good.
  • I hated this show so much.

    I really hate this show. I hated it when it was still on air, and even after it cancellation I still hate it. My boyfriend and I get into little arguments over this show because he liked it and I hated it with a deep sincere passion. I just think it was one of the worse cartoons ever to walk the earth, I'm sorry.
  • chicken was the best

    come on it was great n popular until the actors 4 flem n chicken went 2 the simpsons as krusty homer grampa simpsons suck n now a girl owns cn making gay shows what's up with that it on the cn dvds though here r random letters hhhhh g g g g g g g g gg g g g g g g g g g g gg g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g gg g g g g g g g g g g g g g g great that is what the show is
  • Bring it back pleez!!

    I love this show.Even though it is a little stupid.I cannot believe they cancelled it.And now I dont get to see the dang show no more because they took it completely off air.The last time I saw it was 3 years ago.But they used to play it on cartoon network on cartoon cartoons.But now they have quitted playing it.I wish I can sue those people who cancelled it.Chicken is boring and Cow is cool.
  • BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!

    I think Cow and Chicken was a great show. I think Hannah Barbra should bring it back, but on Boomerang instead of Cartoon Network. It is a great show and I don't know why anyone in the right mind would cancal this show. Yes the animation stunk, but come on it was a great show.
  • Worst show in history of CN shows

    It starts with 2 pairs of legs that are suppose to be parents to a cow and chicken.The animation is horrible,the language,and the characters are simply morons and theres no plots,only main charcters are dumb bovine,rooster,their half-wit parents and a red guy.And its the only show i notice that can get 0.1 from other people.Its so horrible,i can spend decades wondering how it got 7.8 here.It rots my mind and the worst part is its been here since i got cable!(since 2000)(and its still here!)The only good point is that its on weekdays together with the horribly equal I.M weasle.I\'ll give it a 0.1 but somthigns keep saying please enter your rating
  • It's rude, crazy, stupid... but I love it.

    Cow and Chicken is an interestingly strange cartoon about a Cow and Chicken with 2 human parents, their heads are never shown, but it's quite obvoius they are just a pair of legs and the infamous Red Guy, who is a red devil like character who constantly follows Cow and Chicken and usually has a different name (usually a pun about him having no pants) in every episode, and wearing something different (with no pants of course).
    The cartoon is completly odd and is full of really random episodes, the voices on the show are really over the top and crazy and the drawing style is completley over the top at times.
    The humor is mostly butt jokes, or something hilariuosly stupid a bit like Ren and Stimpy.

    If you like crazy, stupid and gross moments, you will like this show.
  • what a great show cow and chicken is one my faverote shows

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  • Krazy and strange, but I like it.

    I used to not be able to wait when a new episode aired on Friday nights on CN. This is one of my favorite cartoons. Too bad it got cancelled and is no longer on the air.

    Cow and Chicken had a strange concept, but it was original, so I liked it. Mom and Dad were simply pants and the lower half of a dress. If you see their shadows, you can see that they have no upper half at all. Weird! A cow and a chicken are supposed to be brother and sister and are the children of human, or supposed to be human, parents. Weird!

    This was still a funny cartoon. I miss it much.
  • What a crazy show!

    I remember watching this show when I was young, and I still have a good amount of episodes now. This show was crazy! It featured very funny characters, with great plots. This is one of the better shows on cartoon network, and without any doubt one of the most classical ones out there.
  • Please make some new episodes!

    This show needs to get brought back now! It was really really wierd, even for a cartoon but thats what made it so funny. All these new shows need to get cancelled and replaced with the good old classic cartoon cartoons like this one. Please, do it! At least play the re-runs! Do something before I go bolistic!
  • Pork butts and tators!!!

    Cow and Chicken was a really funny show. THe plot of this show is Cow the naive and stupid little sister, and Chicken who trys to portray himself as tough and street smart. Sometimes though he has to swallow his pride and ask his little sister Cow for help. Then there are Cow and Chickens parents always known as Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad are only seen from the waist down. Chickens best friends are Flem and Earl, both Flem and Earl are pretty dim and dumb. I miss Cow and Chicken and I wish it was still on, at least in repeats.
  • Zany cartoon about two odd couple siblings: one is a naive, but "glass is half full" cow and the other is a badboy, tough-as-nails chicken. Each whacky episode seemed to be whackier and funnier than the one before it. Just all out fun!

    This whacky cartoon is zany and outrageous along the lines of "Ren and Stimpy". You practically know what you are in for during the introduction song...two human parents give birth to a chicken and a cow. And what are the names of this odd couple? Simply cow and chicken (although I think the chicken should get first billing since he is the funnier of the two).
    These two make the Looney Tunes seem tame by comparison, and while this may be too odd and manic for very young children, it follows in the modern tradition of cartoons today of being appealling to both children and adults (in fact, I think the adults would like it more).
    While the odd couple theme is one that has been done many times before, this cartoon adds a little more to the mix by having an antagonist that shows up for every episode, but with a different scheme to hinder our heroes, specifically the chicken, whose bad boy attitude sometimes gets him into trouble.
    This is one cartoon that needs to come back!
  • Crazy, but I like it!

    This show is pretty good! I like a bit of crude animation, so the animation really doesn't bother me. It was sort of weird though with the human having a cow and a chicken as children. One of the best parts was when they said "end" at the end of each episode. A good show that some people just don't appreciate and I feel that this show deserves more respect!
  • This cutting edge cartoon doesnt even bother with the subtlties...It lets it ALL hang out. It is about Cow and Chicken, brother and sister(never explained), their parents(legs&voices only),and Red Guy(guess who). They find everyday adventures and turn th

    This is one funny, rocking cartoon. The episode that comes to mind as the funniest, would be where Red Guy is a Dr., who needs to perfom surgery on Chicken. You see, it seems that Chicken, is actually a Duck, and needs an emergency WADDLEECTOMY, of course done by Dr. Red Guy. Then theres the sidesplitting laughter that evolved from a little giggle, when the tooth fairy sent her friend the SCAB fairy over to their house. Gnarly, sick humor, but none the less FUNNY. If you can get past Cows visual accuracy of having her udders bouncing around, youll love this show. Bringing it back would be a service to all that need a pick me up. The voices are unique, and the accents are awesome, string all these little components together, and you get one ball of fun, check it out, you owe it to yourself.
  • I love this cartoon! This cartoon has some of the most funny slapstick and zany humour of any cartoon there is...I'm sure in time it will be realized as an all-time cartoon network classic! Its truly hilarious stuff

    Cow and Chicken was a great and funny cartoon to watch. The characters were funny AND AMUSING! It was funny how everyone on the show was really stupid. The Red Guy was the funniest character on the show! He deserved his own show! It sucks that they don't make any new episodes anymore because this show was really popular, and funny even though it was gross at times.

    These 2 farm animals rule!!!

  • This show was hilarious and I miss it so much!

    This show was so funny, why did they take it off? I first seen it when it was attached to some Johnny Quest videos I bought. I instatly loved it and wanted to see more. I hope they release this on DVD so I could see them all again. BRING IT BACK!
  • Great show when i was a kid

    this show is a cow and a chicken and they are doin crazy things and cow wants to be a balerina and chicken has two friends named steve and earl and they are always hanging out with chicken and they dont like cow and cow gets upset somestimes ghfgfgffddf ghgf
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