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  • Seriously overrated.

    Cow and Chicken has to be the most overrated series ever. The animation is horrible, the voice acting in horrible, and the plots... well... you get the idea. Cow, Chicken, and the rest of the cast are complete idiots with nothing redeeming about them. The parents are only have there. LITERALLY! And they are insane beyond words. And then there is "The Red Guy". Someone without pants and they made a running joke about it.

    For some reason, this show has a large following. I, for one, believes this is nothing more than a big waste of resources and it is better off canceled.
  • Come on now just look at the title....Cow and Chicken

    This is something no one should watch. I don't understand the people who do watch this show, it wasn't funny, it was just very very stupid and I am so glad this show is not on TV no more and they are not trying to hurt the kids eyes of today like they did to the kid era that encounter this show. I really feel like this is one of the worst cartoons ever invented by a person and I really would like to know what was the whole Idea of Cow and Chicken that I had to indure this bad show when I was growing up. I don't get the Idea so how would anyone else. I just give this show bad ratings and they should never ever put this show back on TV.
  • I was totally bored one day.

    Watching Cow and Chicken is something that I'm not proud of but the people who should be ashamed are the ones who created this CRAP in the first place. People call this a "classic" - in what twisted dimension are you living??? Tom and Jerry, Bugs BUNNY,THUNDERCATS,SPEED RACER, ASTRO BOY ...those are classics!!! The characters where tasteless and the only thing going for it was the "pork-butts" - I supposes it wrung a giggle from me every now and again but what was there to laugh about really? Cow and Chicken is a sad display of human (American) stupidity. I'm ashamed of myself of watching!
  • A story of human parents having a chicken and a cow as their children... makes any sense to you?

    As absurd as cartoon can go, there is still a limit to where reality can be stretched, even as a cartoon. Besides that, the whole idea is also pretty stupid. It goes way, way below the loony toons category. Sad.

    I don know why people still continue to watch it. The other show that is equally as dumb as this is the 'i am a weasel' story.


    What is goin on in this world?
  • What a waste of time

    I hate this show. 1st, the animation looks all wacky and unclear. The jokes are very adolesant and inappropriate for little kids. None of the characters were likable in my point of view and I just could`nt stand any of the episodes. I`m glad it did`nt get a long run like The Simpsons. This show is better off forgotten.
  • WOW....

    This show is stupid, crazy, and messed up! However I find it somewhat addicting when I'm channel surfing. I think it's a complete waste of time but I still watch it. I don't like the way they draw the characters or how they sound. They show the devil's butt and the parents as just a pair of legs What's up with that? I wish this show would get cancelled already! It is a complete waste of time and has no plot or edge to the series. I find what make a good show is that they have a main center idea.
  • Why did I ever watch this garbage?

    Garbage? Actually, no word alone can begin to describe how awful this waste of drawings David Feiss calls a show really is. What exactly is Cow And Chicken good for? Why, none other than promoting the following "values":


    No offense to people like that. I could probably go on, but I won't. The characters are just too...sickening. And don't get me started on the lame drawings, lame voice acting, and awful plots. Many characters, especially the parents, make me wanna tear their throats out (if the parents had any). And what's with all these dumb butt shots, the "devil" doing...stuff, and everybody always picking on Chicken? To make a long story short, I think David Feiss must've been doped when he drew this, I.M. Weasel, and otherwise. Take my advice: DON'T watch this crud.
  • I thought it was going to be funny...

    Since it's not an anime, I don't need to be that critical. Now I loved this show, along with I Am Weasel, when I was 7. I still remember the days when they showed it on CN everyday at 4pm. Then I switched to animes. In fact, I almost forgot about this show completely until last week when I saw it somewhere on the Internet. I decided to find an episode on youtube, and expected it to be funny. It was not. I found the jokes kinda immature, even the gross scenes which always made me laugh when I was young didn't strike me as funny but only gross. It's probably because I'm not a kid anymore. But I sure had a lot of fun with this show back then.
  • i used to love this show,but to nasty and pointless,I'm with sjquah!

    This show was amusing for a while.But now as it airs with cartoon,cartoons, I see how stupid it was. I see that the voices were lame and the graphics were terrible and how the charecters were nasty.Also,the red guy's butt was always showing.Is that supposed to influence kids to run around being naked and rolling on the ground? Not the best show.
  • A cartoon for stoners

    This show is so boring not to mention its disgusting. Also, the writers were to lazy to explain the characters' backstories. Why does the red guy hate chicken so mush, NEVER EXPLAINED. how can cow and chicken be related and have human birth parents, NEVER EXPLAINED. The plots make no sense at all and it feels like David Fiess was to stoned to put any effort into this show. Overall, I'm glad this show got canceled and is one of the shows that made Cartoon cartooon fridays suck.
  • I hated this show so much.

    I really hate this show. I hated it when it was still on air, and even after it cancellation I still hate it. My boyfriend and I get into little arguments over this show because he liked it and I hated it with a deep sincere passion. I just think it was one of the worse cartoons ever to walk the earth, I'm sorry.
  • i think David feiss has something to do with butts in this show

    I used to watch this series when i was a child and i was always confused by the behavior of the red guy of why doesn't he wear pants and why does he love to show his butt and i noticed a lot of people's butt crack was always showing like flem always has his butt crack showing from his pants and earl some times i was so young but i got an inspiration from him i became to love to show my butt too in public it is so great it is such a turn on when i show my butt crack i usually wear short shirts and a loose low rise jeans and walk in the street with half or more of my butt showing if i didn't have a penis i would have walked pantsless like him .
    he is just so beautiful! i just love how he enjoy his butt and
  • Momma had a chicken, Momma had a Cow, Dad was proud, he didn't care how! Cow, Chicken, COW AND CHICKEN!!!!

    Cow and Chicken was an amazing show! It was so hilarious, starting off with the main characters being a 500pound cow and a chicken, and that's not all! They're brother and sister and their parents only have legs! Plus, a weird red guy who happens to have every job follows them around!
    This show was ahead of it's time and it' really sad that it got canned, after only 4 seasons.
    The episodes were funny, great characters and the animation was really good.
  • Worst show in history of CN shows

    It starts with 2 pairs of legs that are suppose to be parents to a cow and chicken.The animation is horrible,the language,and the characters are simply morons and theres no plots,only main charcters are dumb bovine,rooster,their half-wit parents and a red guy.And its the only show i notice that can get 0.1 from other people.Its so horrible,i can spend decades wondering how it got 7.8 here.It rots my mind and the worst part is its been here since i got cable!(since 2000)(and its still here!)The only good point is that its on weekdays together with the horribly equal I.M weasle.I\'ll give it a 0.1 but somthigns keep saying please enter your rating
  • Gay Related Cartoon. WTC??

    I think the man who created this program is a somewhat lesbian artist because I can never think of another artist that can animated characters that would constantly cross- dress. Such as female characters are wearing boy's underwear and that Red Guy transvestites constantly, acts as one sex to another and referring males as females (it makes me wonder if he is a lesbian). "The Buffalo Gals" episode got busted and shelved for spazzing out homosexuality. The new show called "Adventure Time" has characters that acted so gay and one episode revealed that Princess Bubblegum and that vampire chick are lesbians, which made that episode infamous.
  • Wow, this show is just screwed up.

    This show is not bad, but man is it screwed up. It's about a cow and a chicken who are siblings going on adventures with their nerdy human friends. But the devil is always trying to get them into trouble. Also their parents are human legs. I know, I sound like a mental patient but I'm not kidding. This is actually the show's plot.

    This show is one of the more weaker cartoon cartoons in my opinion, BUT that doesn't mean it's bad. It's actually enjoyable. That is if you're into sick, twisted and non sensical humour. So maybe, this show is not for everybody.

    But I'd rather watch this show than all the crap they put on CN nowadays.

    Overall, a decent show......... a sick, disgusting, screwed up but still decent show.
  • Another great review brought to you by "The Painful Review Team!" Childhood favorite... not so good now.

    Don't get me wrong I loved this show when I was a child. With it's cute little stupid characters, annoying themes, and random sayings. But seriously does this thing make any sense to you? Momma had a cow? Dad had a chicken? Isn't it illegal to do that with animals? This is giving out the wrong message to young children that watched it. Plus it has that red guy that walked around with no pants. I mean honestly no one wants to see that. Just draw the guy some pants! It's not that hard people. Plus the spin-off show I am Weasel was much better. If you're looking for a funny show that is like Cow and Chicken than go watch Ren and Stimpy. That is really funny. The only reason why this is getting a 6 is because when I was a kid I used to love it, and I can't betray on it that much nowadays.

    Note: This review and all others by this team are not meant to attack the opinions of any user[s]. We are merely telling our opinion on popular television programs. If you have a problem with our reviews send me or JoeLostDharma a PM instead of reporting abuse.
  • An ok show but not all that great

    Cow and Chicken are about well an cow and chicken.Who are brothers and sister.Well,I don't remembered the whole plot of this series.However at first I liked this show when it was on.But at the end,I didn't liked this show.I mean it sadden me the artwork.I mean the characters and stuff liked "Boneless Chicken" having no bones always laying around.Their parents are liked half shown body! That doesn't make sense.This show needs some fine tuning.Even though it no longer airs on tv.
  • It's stupid, but HILARIOUS!

    I remember when I used to watch this show, my whole family considered it 'duddy'! And you know what, they're right! This show is practically, & arguably ***ed. It's not even appropriate for kids (they eat pork butts). But you know what? As stupid as the show is, it is hilarious!

    I watched an old episode of this show (the one where Cow gets a pet fly) a few months back, & I was cracking up throughout the majority of it. I seriously never realized how hilarious this show really was, & as disturbing as it is as well.

    The animation stands out, the characters are blatant idiots, but funny idiots, & has some very disturbing things that are still NOT appropriate for kids.

    Overall, the show is stupid, but it is loaded with tons of hilarious scenes that will definitely make you crack up, even if you find the show ***ed.

    "Supercpw al rescate!! Ayayayayayay!!"
  • Pretty funny show

    Funny but yet gross.Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny Funny
  • What a crazy show!

    I remember watching this show when I was young, and I still have a good amount of episodes now. This show was crazy! It featured very funny characters, with great plots. This is one of the better shows on cartoon network, and without any doubt one of the most classical ones out there.
  • one classic cartoon cartoon...

    mama had a chicken, mama had a cow! dad is pround, he didn't care how! cow! chicken! cow and chicken! oh, ooh, ooh ahh.. i love this show, of course, it still shows here, and i get to see it everytime there's no school on that day! ya envy me, don't 'cha?
  • Too much BUTTS ()()! so What!

    What a show! great show about a cow and chicken who has a mother and father why are so tall you can't even see thier face!=0 they must be ugly bwahhh! funny!!!!! My favorate charactor is Hiney because hes funny and has a huge BUTT!. Who ever thought of this is good and talented.BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=(
  • When I was 5 years old (1997) I used to watch this show and I liked it, even if some people thought it was nasty!

    Cow and Chicken is one of the first shows that came out after Hanna-Babera stopped being producers.

    The animation was quite plain and I mihgt say it wasnt as important as the humor was. The red guy in my opinion had the best lines in the show and my favourite line from him was "OOH! fetching!" Although the hair on his butt and the slightly nakedness in shwo show was unnessecary the show was still quite good by its standards.

    Overall, if people can stand the type of humor the Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy has, then i am sure they will like Cow and Chicken and I am Weasel.
  • I watched this show a lot when growing up as a kid.

    I would watch this show a lot on Cartoon Network, when I was younger. I found the show unique when it came out, as the creators thought outside of the box, and they gave the viewers something different to watch. The main character Cow is pretty funny at times and dramatic, while Chicken has the sarcastic tone, which I also liked. I liked the Red Guy, he was really funny, but the show did focus a lot on butt jokes and can be viewed and often criticized by many of the people who have watched the show or never have, because of what others have said.
  • Hmm,strange show,a bit like Gym Partner,but I like it.

    Geez,this is one of the few shows where the butt jokes are actually funny!It's Gym Partner,but better!Oh how I wish they showed re runs of this and other classic Cartoon Network shows.I mean,it's laugh out loud funny when Cow asks Chicken for a piggyback ride and then crushes him!You gotta love it!They should at least bring it back.Is that so much to ask?Then agian,Cartoon Network only cares about flashy new crap.Kinda like a newly remastered version of Ren and Stimpy,but I like it.I don't really care for Ren and Stimpy.Now this is hilarious.It needs to be brought back to Cartoon Network as soon as possible!
  • A Cow and a Chicken siblings?

    This show is so creative in the way it was brought up. Who would think of anybody adopting a cow and a chicken to become brother and sister? My favorite was Cow it was my favorite character. They would get into trouble with "Red devil" and go through many mini adventures in each episode! Cow the older brother would take care of Cow and watch out for her, which I considered to be super sweet! This show was unique in many ways and it was also very funny! I recommend anybody to watch this cartoon because it is worth watching!
  • Cow and Chicken was one of my first favourite shows.

    Cow and Chicken was a Cartton Cartton, I enjoyed watching it on CN when I was younger and I still like watching as much reruns as I can find!
    The voice actor for Cow and Chicken is brilliant, he is in the greats with TOm Kenny, Grey DeLise (spelling?) and Phill LaMarr, Tara Strong and many more great voice artists.
  • One of my favorites.

    One of my favorite shows. This show is another creative show that was cancelled because the network didn't know what they wanted. It is a very similar show to Ren and Stimpy and John Krcfalusi's other cartoons. It brings back creativity to the strange cartoon world. If you like Bugs Bunny, you should like Cow and Chicken. If you like Hey Arnold, you probably wont like Cow and Chicken.
  • Great show when i was a kid

    this show is a cow and a chicken and they are doin crazy things and cow wants to be a balerina and chicken has two friends named steve and earl and they are always hanging out with chicken and they dont like cow and cow gets upset somestimes ghfgfgffddf ghgf
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