Cow and Chicken

Cartoon Network (ended 1999)


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  • Well, if you like Cow & Chicken, just for that, awesome show.

    Cow & Chicken rocks like every show in the world. People say it's stupid. Well, yes, it is, but it's cool. And people say that it's bad and unfunny. Well, you review so badly that a buffalo can review the show better.

    It's moo-refic. I even like I Am Weasel featuring I.M. Weasel & I.R. Baboon. And to say, you can say what your favorite character is. Well, my favorite is the Red Guy. You know, the pantless Red guy that looks like the devil (Satan (Only in the pilot episode)). Well, the Red Guy is funny with his disguised name and the attepmted humor within.

    So, Cow & Chicken is a cool show, and a guilty pleassure.

    (End comes up the screen) END!