Cow and Chicken

Cartoon Network (ended 1999)


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  • Two people somehow biologically have a chicken for a son and a cow for a daughter. Every bad person is a Red Guy with no pants. The plots have every wierd bit of imagination to them. What more could you ask for besides more seasons?

    I remember when I got into this show. I was a young boy at the age of 10. Every bit of this show is too funny. First of all, a man and a woman with unknown jobs somehow have a chicken named Chicken for a son and a cow named Cow for a daughter.

    Next, nearly everyone they encounter is the Red Guy. Red Guy is too funny. First of all, his names concur the idea he wears no pants (although he has on a couple of ocassions). Next, he is always screaming and whispering in the same sentence. His butt-walking habit really expresses himself. And finally, he is always up to some deed against Cow and Chicken or he is using them for his dirty deeds. And in the end, he gets justice (funny justice).

    This show is one of the classics that should be on CN today instead of stuff like Chowder or George of the Jungle. Shows like this, Courage, Johnny Bravo, and the pre-2001 Dexter's Lab NEED to be put on DVD.
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