Cow and Chicken

Cartoon Network (ended 1999)


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  • "Cow and Chicken" what a crew!!! I used to love those guys. I don't have a favorite episode because they all used to crack me up. Can't compare a silly Chicken and a mellow dramatic Cow with any other cartoon.

    Cow and chicken are sadly missed to this day. It was my favorite cartoon and the silver linning of a bad day. No matter how awful anything was they still used to crack me up. Today people need to laugh and I find tha the great cartoons get canceled. We at least still have Tom and Jerry, but they aren't the cow and the ckicken. I used to make sure to be home to watch Cow and Chicken. Odly enough I used to look so forward to it. I would not care if there were re-runs after re-runs, those guys crack me up!!!