Cow and Chicken

Cartoon Network (ended 1999)


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  • insanely humorous

    this show was crazy! the whole premise of the show is kind of just explained in the first lie of the theme song. the show is about a cow and a chicken that are siblings, have human parents, interact with human society with no problem, and for some odd reason the devil follows them around. whoever created this must have been on drugs, and it's a good thing. the show always brings an odd twist to things that children face in their everday lives like shopping at the mall or speculating at what it's like in the girl's bathroom. in just about every episode cow and chicken (yeah, that's their actual names) ussualy are met with a dilema by the red guy (i just call him the devil because that's pretty much who he is). the red guy for some odd reason moves around by rolling on the ground and, i'm not kidding, walking on his butt cheeks. he also talks in a kind of semi gay way and will randomly yell at the end of sentences. and as if he wasn't weird enough, the mom and dad of cow and chicken, who's names are mom and dad, are only seen from the waist down, and their shadows don't have any upper bodies. also, they randomly break into maniacal laughter from time to time. even cow and chicken are weird. chicken is supposed to be eleven years old, though he souinds like a twenty year old with some sort of an accent. cow is supposed to be like a six year old girl, though she's really odd and energetic. throughout the series, whenever chicken is in danger, she would turn into a super hero called supercow. it's just like superman, except when she's supercow she speaks spanish(what?). all in all, i think that this was a great sho, and is an underaprecciated classic.